Honor the dogs

just in case you think that Subway is being unfairly targeted/boycotted… consider this:  I just found this update on the link below that talked about sponsors that canceled but Subwway DID NOT cancel their sponsorship. They sponsored the Michael Vick reality show for the one season that it was on the air and now they “probably” will not sponsor the BET award next year. Meaning, they do not care what we think or how many customers they will lose by sponsoring M. Vick.

JUNE 2011 UPDATE: “The Michael Vick Project” went off the air last year after one season. On June 26, 2011, Vick received the Subway Sportsman of the Year Award at the BET Awards. Although Subway sponsored Vick’s reality show for its duration, a company representative said it was not involved in deciding who won the sportsman award. Due to the large amount of complaints the company has received, the rep said Subway will probably not sponsor the award again next year.

these companies supported Michael Vick’s reality show:  Checkers/Rally’s, hotwire, ford, mcdonald’s, 7up, lysol, subway, buick, KFC, Overture Films



Fourteen companies pulled their ads from BET’s The Michael Vick Project due to the amount of complaints they received.  Subway was NOT NOT NOT on the list of companies that pulled their ads… Subway has said that they are innocent re: BET awards but there is NO backpedaling from this… just saying… I guess they think we’re dumb and cannot read. well, Subway now what you got to say for yourself. Trying to cover up and LYING is worse than the original offense.

Now some people are starting to talk about boycotting all of the sponsors of the BET awards besides just Subway, to be fair, they want to be equal opportunity dog-cotters. Below is the info about the other sponsors of the BET awards (some, like Subway, were going to sponsor a failed M. Vick reality show too).  Is it enough to just boycott Subway? To single Subway out and target Subway? Is it fair to make local Subway shop owners pay for corporate’s mistake? Are you going to boycott the whole list of companies below?  Curious bloggers want to know.

I was going to post this as a note on Facebook but here I have more space.  It seems that team Vick is busy getting sponsorships lined up. Now for me, I don’t drink soda, nor coffee, do not do caffeine, and am not going to buy a Ford or a Nissan, and have issues with Domino’s because of lousy service (although since I complained, they have definitely made an effort at better customer service) so what do you think?  Are you going to boycott all of the companies who sponsor Vick? if so, for how long? Are you going to write/call all of them?

I admit it, I was angry about last week’s debacle in New Jersey where Vick sold autographs for $150 and 150 insane people actually paid for his signature. And what really ticked me off was that the protesters to this event were cordoned off and away from the store. So when I saw the info about the BET Awards, I was livid. Here we go again, oh no, not if I can help it. And now this boycott has snowballed from zero to more than 15,000 folks signing on board the No Way Subway page and almost 2000 on the Boycott BET page.

Yes, I think M. Vick should still be in jail and not lauded nor honored for anything. And I think that sending a message to these companies wallets/bottomline is important to show that WE MEAN BUSINESS and VOTE with OUR DOLLARS.  That if they want to sponsor sub-humans, they are going to pay a big price for it.  I also think that Chris Brown was an inappropriate honoree for what he did to  Rihanna and that violent video games should not be sold period and most especially not to children. And it seems that this could be a full-time occupation, dogging Vick at every turn.  Is that the way you want to spend your time?

For me, I want to honor the dogs… Sweet Jasmine, Ginger, Red, Stella, Cherry Garcia, Handsome Dan, Hector the Inspector, Georgia, Mel, Leo, Lucas, the little red dog, all of the dogs Vick brutalized and/or murdered. I want to HONOR the dogs. And tell the world about them. Seven of the dogs are now therapy dogs.

Jhumpa Jones just got her therapy certificate!

And many have been adopted to loving families and are living harmoniously, peacefully with other dogs, kids and even cats. For me, the dogs are the HEROES and deserve awards.  Also, their caretakers are HEROES, BadRap, Best Friends, Our Pack, Monterey SPCA and the others who loved and took care of these traumatized (often pancaked, too scared to move, eat or bark) dogs who they socialized, trained, fostered and adopted and helped these special dogs to become good Canine Citizens and the best ambassadors for their breed EVER.


Vote for Leo daily for the SPCA’s Hero Dog of the Year Award for Therapy Dogs. http://www.herodogawards.org/view-entries.html#search/leo

Here he is with his toys. For a dog who didn’t seem to really know what they were when we first got him, he’s got a great collection now!

Instead of dogging Vick at every turn, I want to HONOR the Dogs with Good Positive Publicity.

Ta da, the world famous Cherry (Belly) Garcia and his sister Madison were recently HONORED as STARS in Connecticut at the screening of the Beyond the Myth film about pit bulls.  Here is Cherry Garcia with his pal Titan.  Ok, am going to cry again, Cherry was one of the most abused of the bait dogs at Bad Newz and it has taken his wonderful parents and Madson a long time to help him be able to be with strangers so this film screening and being on TV was a BIG VICTORY FOR CHERRY (he has two facebook pages, one Cherry Garcia, the other Victory 4 Cherry).  How could ANYONE WITH A HEART look at that sweet face/eyes and hurt him????  Am soooo proud of this sweetheart of a dog.   He melts my heart. Cherry is the black dog on the left, in case you did not know and Titan is the white dog on the right.

Vick can go you know what, you know where. And he will get his in the end. I believe in karma. you sow what you reap. And he’s reaped plenty of really bad karma and the more accolades being thrown at him, the more money, fame, more awards he gets truly are a curse on him although it may not seem like it.  I gotta make peace with that because spending my time and energy on him makes me ill. I had nightmares before and don’t want to go there again.

So where do you draw the line in the sand? How do you decide who is going to be the next company to withdraw your dollars from? How are you going to spend your life, time and energy and dollars?  Just saying… For numerous reasons, for the most part, I don’t buy supermarket brands. I try to be selective as to who gets my dollars. And like with voting for elections sometimes you just gotta buy stuff you don’t think is the best because you just cannot afford the best. For instance, am going to start juicing and eat more fresh produce for my health. and I know organic is better. I also don’t know if I can get all the organic produce I want unless I grow it myself.  Questions to muse/consider and decide for yourself.

Peace out.  Do good.

dog cott everyone… HONOR THE DOGS…

Let the twittering begin! Follow  @Boycott_BET #BoycottBET #nosickvick

V7 – The Official Brand of Michael Vick – Coming Soon…

Here is the toll free number for leaving a comment for the BET network 1-800-711-1630…

For more than a decade, the BET AWARDS has reigned as the biggest family event rivaling all top awards shows.

I guess the plan then was as TV entertainment for families, for you and your children, here at BET we honor dog killers and women beaters, so that you can see how great it is to grow up to be psychopaths, too…  You too can make lots of money and win awards just like this one.

Read more: http://tv.broadwayworld.com/article/Coca-Cola-Dominos-And-More-Set-As-BET-Awards-11-Sponsors-626-20110625#ixzz1Qdgu5AKZ

the rest of the sponsors include Starbucks, Domino’s Pizza, Coca-Cola, Ford, and more.

Speaking of car companies, now another group is dog-cotting Nissan.

The Rally Against Michael Vick
Well, another Nissan dealer has partnered with Michael Vick – Lynchburg Nissan in Lynchburg, Virginia. Another reason to boycott all Nissan dealers. Nissan USA told me that they have no control over who their dealers do business with but now at least two Nissan dealers are in bed with Michael Vick. I don’t see any other car companies jumping on the Vick bandwagon, buy your cars from those companies instead.

Jeez, how did I miss this, it was on June 10th. But notice the sponsor was Lynchburg Nissan. When I boycotted Woodbury Nissan in NJ for using Vick in a commercial, the parent company assured me it was just a dealership decision. Now another Nissan dealer has partnered with him. Unbelievable.

Michael Vick – Virginia’s Finest Meet & Greet
Flyers, posters, and billboard to promote “Virginia’s Finest Meet & Greet”, an event put together by V7/Team Vick, sponsoring CVA Elite Youth Football.

Contact info for Lynchburg Nissan
Nissan Dealer in Forest Virginia – LYNCHBURG VA Nissan dealer BEDFORD VA Nissan dealer MADISON HEIGH
Lynchburg Nissan Forest Virginia 888-691-9608

Contact info for Nissan USA
NissanUSA.com – Contact

Press Release I Wrote and Sent about ubout Subway Boycott:




You would think that people would learn the lesson by now that the cover-up can be worse than the original mistake. Just ask Congressman Anthony Weiner. But some people and companies apparently have not gotten that memo yet.

Now it is Subway’s turn to learn. The sandwich shop giant contends that they innocently sponsored the recent BET awards and did not know who was being chosen for the Sportsmen of the Year Award (Michael Vick won the award).

Vick was one of five finalists winning out over Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Derrick Rose. Woman beater Chris Brown also won several BET awards.

Subway said this after more than 15,000 now former customers signed onto a Facebook page No Way Subway in a matter of hours vowing to boycott Subway. The dog lovers told Subway in no uncertain terms No Way would Subway get their dollars ANYMORE via email and phone calls.

Just in case you think that Subway is being unfairly targeted/boycotted, consider this:

Subway was one of the companies that supported Michael Vick’s failed reality show:  Checkers/Rally’s, Hotwire, Ford, Mcdonald’s, 7up, Lysol, Buick, KFC, Overture Films were others.

Major Sponsors Drop Michael Vick’s Reality Show


Fourteen companies pulled their ads from BET’s The Michael Vick Project due to the amount of complaints they received.  Subway was NOT on the list of companies that pulled their ads. Now what does Subway have to say besides the $5 foot-longs do not contain dog meat.

There is another page Boycotting BET and a petition to get Vick to give back the award.

Ironic that the convicted felon took the honors and Subway got the heat. Not the most well-thought out PR plan for a family food establishment to associate with and pay financial tribute to a well-known dog killer.

Subway Contact Information
Franchise World Headquarters
325 Bic Drive
Milford, CT 06461-3059 USA
Ph: 203.877.4281 -or-
Ph: 800.888.4848

# # #


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3 responses to “Honor the dogs

  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful post!!! LOVE the pictures of the pitties. We adopted what we think was a bait dog 5 years ago. After loads of work she is a fabulous dog still bearing her scars. Our dog #4 came from a hoarder which is a whole different problem, LOL!
    As a Virginian who lives in the same area as Vick, I’ll be contacting the Nissan dealer ~ have already contacted most of the others. Thanks again!

  2. Great article. Viva la Boycott!

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