Tips for a Yankee Doodle Doggie 4th of July

Tips from Mary Getten

If you know that your dog, or other animals, react to loud noises, it is time to prepare for the 4th. If you’re not sure, find out today and plan accordingly.

What can you do to prepare?

1. Use an energy remedy to calm your animal. Rescue Remedy, a Bach flower essence, is a non-toxic liquid that works gently on the energy system to relieve stress and anxiety. This is readily available in health food stores and many pet stores. Put 4 drops into the animal’s water dish and stir vigorously. Start today and continue using it through July 5th. You can use it too.

2. Another human supplement now used with dogs is melatonin. It should be used for several consecutive days and can calm the nerves and reduce anxiety. The Whole Dog Journal recommends that large dogs take about 3 mgs daily and dogs less than 30 pounds only 1.5 mgs. You should check with your vet for accurate dosing for your dog.

3. Herbal tinctures of valerian, skullcap or kava kava can also be helpful. Always check first with your veterinarian for exact doses and usage.

4. Emotional release techniques like EFT or Emotion Code can be done now or during loud noises. This may shift the issue permanently and at the very least make your animal more comfortable.

5. Sit down with your animal and tell them about the upcoming noises. Show them a mental video of loud noises and fireworks and them sitting quietly and calmly. Tell them that they will be calm and relaxed when they hear these sounds and that they are SAFE. Never tell them to NOT be afraid. That just sends the wrong message.

6. In addition to one of the calming supplements, it’s most important that your animals are kept in a safe place that they cannot escape from. An interior bathroom with no windows is a nice dark quiet spot. Play the radio or TV to cut down on the intensity of the outside noise, and reassure your pet that everything is OK. Note: You can also play your canine calming music CD.

7. Make sure that your animal is wearing a collar with your phone number on it, in case they do manage to get lost.

Think ahead and keep your pets safe on the 4th.

About Mary Getten:

Mary is an animal communicator, author, teacher and more. She works with whales, communicates with them and has written about them in various books including Communicating with Orcas – The Whales’ Perspective.

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  1. good advice. thanks for sharing

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