Celebrate pit bulls

If you’ve been looking for a positively pit bull place, a happy safe space to celebrate the goofy good news, party pit bull style on facebook with polka dots,  success stories, cute pooches with kids, travels with your pit bulls, share your photos and stories of hero dogs, therapy dogs, Vicktory dogs without /hold the vick, no boycotts, no dogs on death row or scary sad stories, please like us and join us at America’s Nanny Dogs…


cici finally got her bath but she has a heat rash on her neck and has been scratching it, I was trying to get a photo of it to share but instead I got cici-gator/land shark… 🙂

It is once again Blog Hop time again… thanks to Life with Dogs, Two Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume, now hop along and grab the code…


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4 responses to “Celebrate pit bulls

  1. We’ve been fortunate this year in Atlanta. It’s been 95 degrees and humid as all get out because it’s been raining almost every day – but my three dogs have been free of hot spots, or any other nasty….

    Stopping by on the blog hop today. I’ve posted the very best cat song ever – it features the cat band and the cat lady. It’s destined to be a wildly popular song! Be among the first to see it!

  2. Of Pit Bulls and Patience

    Now that sounds like a good place to hang out! Don’t forget to send in a picture and funny caption for the True Story Tuesday contest!


  3. Hi and congratulations! I recommended your blog to receive All Things Dog Blog’s Versatile Blogger Award. You can collect your award and read about the rules for passing it on at http://www.allthingsdogblog.com/2011/07/duet-of-versatile-blogger-awards.html

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