Hey Michael Vick

Hey Michael Vick,

you want forgiveness and redemption from us, from me, ok here it is HOW you can EARN it.

My terms.

A 5 step plan.  All steps MUST BE TAKEN. This will require real courage and bravery. Not going to be easy like you are used to having it be in life. No faking it. No excuses. No, my background made me do it. No, when I was 8 years old I followed these bad guys and they desensitized me to violence. No, the spectators made me do it, my friends, my culture, my ignorance, my race made me do it. Cut the crap. No pretending you’ve changed so you can make money. No lies. No dog and pony show for attention. No bravado. No fake tears. No b.s.

1.  Go check yourself into some intensive therapy/counseling for 5-10 years (however long it takes) and discover the truth, own the truth, take real responsibility for what you did to those dogs… find the Hitler within, as Mother Theresa said, and then you will be able to go out and do good. Not pretend to do so. When you can discover the evil within, own it by LOOKING AT IT, SEEING IT, FEEL THE PAIN YOU CAUSED, FEEL THE PAIN OF THE DOGS YOU KILLED, FEEL THE TERROR YOU CAUSED. FEEL THE TRAUMA YOU CAUSED. Imagine being so shut down in body and mind that YOU FREEZE, pancake, become immobile, cannot move, cannot eat, cannot function, cannot speak. Imagine being so terrorized by predators that you want to die. Imagine being tortured. Imagine being waterboarded. Imagine being electrocuted. Imagine being ripped apart and torn to shreds.

ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS: WHY do you hate weakness, innocence so much that you have to kill it? Why do you hate dogs? Why do you HATE God’s creatures?  Why did you follow those guys when you were 8? Why are you so out of touch with your own humanity?  The WHOLE BRUTALLY HONEST TRUTH and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH…

Watch films of dog fighting until you get how EVIL it is, OWN how sick and twisted, disconnected, NUMB, OUT OF TOUCH WITH YOUR OWN HUMANITY, THAT YOU ARE INSIDE that you enjoyed this and laughed at the HURT/PAIN/TERROR/TRAUMA YOU CAUSED. Discover and Own your inhumanity and cruelty, your brutality, your blood thirst.

And when you cannot stand it anymore, keep on until it makes YOU ILL, until it GETS YOU SICK to YOUR STOMACH and MAKES YOU WANT TO BARF/PUKE.

Then when you actually FEEL it, ask for help from God to Heal your shame. Heal the roots of your abuse. Heal the pain and terror and bully inside you. Heal the abuse. ONLY then can you develop a conscience and real remorse, then you can discover redemption/forgiveness.  No easy shortcuts. No blaming anyone else. No whining. No cop outs. No lies. No excuses. This will require real courage and bravery. No self pity (self medication) allowed. No numbing or zoning out. No drugs.

2. Name names, give up the top dog fighters, their contact info, to the police and STOP dog fighting period end of story. This will require real courage and bravery.

3. Use all of that money you are getting from endorsement deals and give most of it away to pit bull rescues and no kill shelters, including the one being built in Newark, New Jersey in honor of Patrick, a starved pit bull that was thrown in the trash.  If you can, due to the terms of your agreement, give money to Badrap and Best Friends, who cleaned up YOUR mess.

4. DO NOT EVER get another pet dog, NEVER EVER.  You lost your right to do so FOREVER.

5. BE an example. Actions speak louder than words. Especially to kids.  Meet with Badrap and Best Friends. Look those people in the EYES, look those dogs in the EYES (photos of the dogs), and THANK THEM for taking care of the dogs that you terrorized. Thank them for their dedication and the HOURS SPENT training, loving, caring for those dogs in all the ways that YOU  DID NOT. Then get down on your hands and knees and APOLOGIZE and BEG FOR FORGIVENESS.  This will take REAL COURAGE.

Become a real man.

When/if you do ALL OF THIS you will have earned our forgiveness.  Until then cut the crap.

For this baby.

Please “Dog God” stop these humans from fighting us. I have lost my mother, father and two brothers to this blood sport. Please save all of the other dogs from these evil people. And one more thing…Dog spelled backwards is God! Amen


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18 responses to “Hey Michael Vick

  1. Penny Boyd

    Thank you sooo much for this artical .Very well said and i totally agree with you. I wish there were more people in the world who love animals the way we do. Animals are my life. The punishment for Michael Vick you have wrote is PERFECT !!!! Thank You.

  2. Watch films of dog fighting till he is sick? No chance he would get off on it. Probably sexually rewarding for him. He is without a soul, without compassion, without empathy, without feeling, without remorse. How can he feel any of that when deep down, under all that phony mask and bullshit he puts out he still feels like he did nothing wrong. Like he said “The only thing he would change in his life is his jail sentence”.
    AMEN!!!!! He is beyond redemption and forgiveness. He is a devil’s spawn.

    • l. am no dummy, am very aware that he’d never get to step one… and 2. there was a lot of prerequisites before watching the videos… and I did have mixed feelings about including that because of what you said… still that is what and how a NORMAL person would react… and he ain’t normal by any stretch of anyone’s imagination…

      what someone on the Patrick Movement NM page wrote: Consensus in the mental health field is that deriving pleasure from inflicting pain on the helpless is inherently psychopathic, and not curable. Recidivism stats are through the roof.

      Then there’s the whole issue of the link between animal abuse and serial killers having a long history of animal abuse and domestic abuse. And the fact he still hangs with the same peer group as before. And the chilling fact that, because his convictions are for gambling rather than animal cruelty and torture, there are no restrictions on him owning animals in the future.

      If the experts are correct and Vick is in the near 100% recidivism category, then there WILL be a next time, and we can assume he’ll be a lot craftier about avoiding detection. Thanks to all the “help” he’s received (from the greedy, dirty souls that desired to ride him right into their own lucrative cut of his rebuilt wealth), he’ll have the wherewithal to finance whatever improvements he needs to make to the new BadNewz Kennels.

      There are substantial causes for concern here, and Vick himself has shown nothing that would warrant optimism.

      Have Vick’s efforts gone beyond court-ordered, or has he just met minimum requirements? Why has he never come clean (publicly) about his dog fighting years? True remorse cannot exist without full confession and enthusiastic, voluntary amends-making. If Vick is genuinely remorseful, he’ll do more than the court ordered, and will also confess everything and atone for all his actions. Even if it means returning to jail.

      Has he shared information regarding dog fighting with authorities? Wouldn’t he be eager to offer up valuable inside knowledge so that law enforcement can make more progress getting this problem under control?

      Vick responded flippantly in an interview, that he had no regrets except (ha-ha) he wished his prison sentence had been shorter. That smacks of wishing he’d never been caught, and he has said publicly that if he hadn’t been caught, he would still be doing what he was doing. That wise-crack indicates a pretty limp sense of remorse, and a failure to accept emotional responsibility for the torture killings of at least 6 or 7 living, breathing, feeling beings — committed with his own hands, on multiple occasions, outside the fighting ring — for “fun.”

      Too many people are under the illusion that “all” he did was watch dog fights and bet on them. Actual killing and torture on his part make it an entirely different — and much more serious — matter.

    • Michelle, that was my fear–that watching dog fighting would stir up happy memories for him, as in “Gee, I’ve got to get into that again; I just need to be more careful.” Careful of not getting caught, of course, not careful of his horrible behavior. I was thinking that your description of him, “He is without a soul, without compassion, without empathy, without feeling, without remorse,” was a little harsh and then realized that is the definition of a psychopath/sociopath/antisocial personality. So, you nailed it right on the head.

      • thanks… going to puke after seeing new Nike ads with Vick, poking fun at his killing dogs, I think it important to call him what he is a dog serial killer who killed numerous dogs… animal abuser just does not even cut it for me anymore… maybe if we put this branding on him, people will GET it … what do you think???

      • going to puke after seeing new Nike ads poking fun at Vick’s killing dogs, if you can possibly believe that, I think it important to call him what he is a dog serial killer who killed numerous dogs… animal abuser just does not even cut it for me anymore… maybe if we put this branding on him, people will GET it … what do you think???

  3. Kaeren Flynn

    You have GOT to be clapped on the back for this article! I am so pleased to see it put into the words I wanted to find, but don’t have the vocabulary for!
    You are a hero, an angel and a saviour to all animals.
    We, the furrsons of the world, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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  5. Walks With Wolves

    I’m serious I’m going to send this to any and everyone that has “contact” info for *ick. I’m serious. I love the way you wrote this, the way you spelled it out. He and he alone should walk into a Bad Rap meeting and feel the fear, the humiliation…oh yea. Thank you for this terrific article.

    • please don’t. he refused to meet with badrap, he refused to meet with best friends first, and he refused to talk to others, and he ain’t gonna do any of this… thanks.

  6. Michael Vick can never make reparations for the damage he has already done. Many of us would be happy if he would own up to what he did, admit to kids and fans how evil it is/was and that he shouldn’t be considered a hero or role model. Taking full responsibility for his actions, growing up, and making an effort to eliminate dog fighting (in the manner Celia recommends) would be the right path. It’s not that he’s not a “man,” for no truly human person would do the things he did. He needs to rise from subhuman to human, and he certainly has to do it with the eyes of society upon him.

    We all have a dark side, but–unlike Mr. Vick–we try to keep it under control, not derive pleasure from it. My dark side imagines all kinds of fitting punishments for him including keeping him in an overcrowded kennel with starved dogs (but then we would be starving dogs to accomplish this). If he would like to regain the respect of people who care about animals, then he must dedicate himself to atonement, and that means putting his money and time where his mouth is when it comes to dogs. He has the power to make a huge dent in this horrible business, if he truly wants to.

  7. How about “violent menace to society”?

    • no, people don’t think that he is extremely dangerous nor a menace to society, they’d think it was a joke… saying he’s a dog serial killer is true, people could perhaps downplay it because they were just dogs, but might get come folks thinking, using their brains a little bit… just a bit… am distracted, just found out that they killed a dog in vegas in the 500 block of a street where my ex hubby lives on the 600 block if he still lives there, too bad they got the dog and not him???? ugh…

  8. Sorry…I left out “extremely dangerous” in that “violent menace to society” description.

  9. You said it perfectly!!!! Thank you

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