pit bull media project

WANTED: RESPONSIBLE Pit Bull Owners near and far across the USA:  Due to a story in the media about a pregnant woman near San Francisco who died falling off a ladder, and the media blaming her pit bull dog who was standing by her trying to wake her up probably, and the pit bull media hysteria and police hysteria that ensued (the dog got shot and killed), they are doing an autopsy to find out the true cause of the woman’s death in this tragedy…


what really happened:


this story prompted me to come up with this challenge for you if you are a responsible pit bull owner…

Pit bull 101 education 4 Media, Community: at newspapers, tv stations and radio stations across USA, go to your local media with your dogs in tow and teach them about pit bulls up close and personal.  First, make an appt to speak with an editor about a local story on a slow news day, you are a local person who wants to help them cover the news, that may get you in the door, do not tell them on the phone what the story is. if push comes to shove, tell them, it is a feel good local pet story.  Bring someone knowledgeable and amenable with you from the local shelter/rescue with an adoptable pit bull. And have them cite statistics about how many healthy pit bulls are put to sleep, abused, neglected, and so on in your community and/or nationally. How the real problem is irresponsible owners and dog fighters and that innocent pit bull dogs are paying the price of bad people.

I would also suggest that you visit the local police station, fire station and schools, too.


If you need help with coming up with a short, sweet, factual presentation, let me know. It would also be wise to take photos/video to share.



who’s in?

Imagine if we each did this one by one across America… taught the news media that pit bulls are NOT the enemy.  that pit bulls are just dogs… that pit bulls are not killing machines, are not vicious and are not monsters…

Stop blaming the media, police, etc. for their ignorance unless you are willing to teach them what great dogs pit bulls are…

Who is up for this challenge?  Please let me know asap when/if you will do this and what happens when you do…

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