patrick is my homeboy… animal groups gone wild

well it is supposed to be Pit Bull Appreciation Day but with Facebook glitching, cannot post as much as I’d like to about pit bulls… and especially with all of the paranoia running wild… yes, people it is a conspiracy… of course the musicians, artists, business people and just regular people who also are affected by the suspension are just a smokescreen, covering up for Mark Z.’s targeting animal groups… please get over yourselves for the sake of the animals!!!

got a very nice t-shirt from the good folks at (appropriately named for today) Crazy Dog

a very nice size (extra longer and larger than i thought it would be),  a very nice kelly green color…

ok, the printing comes out in reverse on my computers camera and I don’t know how to fix that… but here’s what it looks like (I was going to dress Cici up in it, the shirt would have covered her up from head to to toe, but she would have none of it…

they asked me to pick out a t-shirt and so of course, in honor of Patrick, since they did NOT have a Cici t-shirt, I got the St. Patrick is my homeboy… not a photo of Patrick but of the actual saint.  very nice quality shirt, love it.

they have a nice selection of dog shirts, although no pit bull ones… I like the Holy Shiz Tzu one…and Pugs Not Drugs… some seriously silly ones like Amish Gone Wild, movie ones, and others…

so go look at the other t-shirts they have and tell them Cici sent ya !

sorry, they do not have a Facebook hates animal groups t-shirt… sorry I hate to be the one to break this to you diehards, but not everybody hates you, and the world does not revolve around you, seriously????


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2 responses to “patrick is my homeboy… animal groups gone wild

  1. CeliaSue–I LOVE the tshirt, especially because it honors Patrick (at least for some of us). I don’t think that Facebook hates animal groups/lovers; I think FB has gotten big enough that it now hates EVERYONE! Seriously, having to deal with millions of humans on a daily basis could get to be a real drag… –bob

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