goodbye Irene: hello Lucky dog

With all of the media frenzy crazy about the Hurricane Irene, seems like it was not the BIG HUGE disaster it was hyped, thankfully. Our prayers were answered. Not that there was NO damage or flooding or deaths. Eleven deaths and billions of dollars of damage so far. But what got the attention/focus of many many animal lovers was one photo posted on Facebook.

A terrified dog chained outside to fend for itself during the hurricane in Greenville, NC. There were many rumors. Apparently, the owners took a puppy with them when they evacuated but left this dog for an unknown reason. A pregnant neighbor took the photo and posted it but was not able to bring the dog to safety. Many folks, myself included, commented, posted and called the police, fire, animal control folks. Finally, after FIVE visits to check on the dog, the dog is supposed to now be safe.  You can read about it more below.

But the City of Greenville, NC wrote a ridiculous comment on their facebook page about the dog wanting to be on top of its dog house outside in the rain which drew the ire of many folks. Here is the screen shot:

From Sasha Sabbeth: I just got off the phone with the Public Information Officer for the Greenville, North Carolina police regarding the puppy abandoned outside in Hurricane Irene’s natural disaster situation.

Here are the facts directly from him: 1) The dog was removed from the home late last night and put in a temporary shelter. 2) The Animal Control and police officers made 5 visits yesterday to check on the dog. 3) Finally, the situation changed slightly so that they saw a technicality that would legally allow them to remove the dog. 4) They had made repeated efforts to contact the owners and were unsuccessful. 5) A photo of the dog in its safe temporary location is forthcoming.  Thank you all for the army of passion that we all unleashed to save this baby.

Someone just wrote on the Irene facebook page linked below:

Same owners had an “outdoor” cat a few months back. The same girl that posted this picture opened her front door and saw the cat lying on her front porch about to die. She tried to give him water, but he wouldn’t drink and barely moved. She called Animal Control at that time as well and they came to get the cat…with the owners watching on their front porch. They didn’t say a word. Please don’t give up on this puppy dog ♥ He/she deserves BETTER!

It has been a few hours since she posted the above and so far have not seen a safe dog photo.

A facebook page has been put up about the dog:

People are now concerned about the dog’s safety at the shelter. A local rescue group is being contacted to pull the dog and get it into a good home.    Clearly, owners who would leave a dog outside in a hurricane chained up are cruel and should not get the dog back, many think. And animal shelters kill dogs. This dog has no idea how many people are concerned about its safety.

the latest info / update as of Tuesday August 30, 2011 is that some rescues have said they would help and have NOT taken care of the dog which is in an undisclosed location.  Please contact the media. If the dog was returned to the owners, this is NOT the answer/solution.  This dog deserves a decent loving forever home. Thank you.

here is a photo of the dog:  (beautiful sweet/souful eyes, looks like a white Siberian husky or a German shepherd)

If anyone has any more info, please let us know asap. Thank you all, especially Sasha and others for your part in getting this dog inside.

more info:


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3 responses to “goodbye Irene: hello Lucky dog

  1. cris

    Pitt Friends is comprised of fosters, is considered a NO KILL shelter and foster homes should be safe havens… (EDITED because this person had all the info incorrect)… People can you please READ.

  2. Tabitha Weaver

    I don’t think the owners are very intelligent, at least according to their FB pages. However, that does not excuse them from being HUMANE. If the FB page is correct for the young woman mentioned above, she states she has 3 “babys” and is a stay at home mom. I think those “babys” should, at the very least, have an investigation done by Child Protective Services.

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