vick’s associates still abusing dogs?

Update: Premier K9

“Justice prevailed,” said Vince Farah, animal control supervisor for Henry County Animal Care and Control. “He can never operate the kennel again. It seems like that kennel has had a dark cloud over it, because there [also] were issues with the previous owners.”

Art Washington was the owner of Premier Canine, Inc., a canine-training and boarding facility, at 651 Ward Road, in Ellenwood. Animal control officials discovered unhealthy conditions at the facility, which has subsequently closed.”


Despite the news that Vick is the highest paid football player with a newly signed $100 million contract, I’ve decided to not let his seeming success throw me into a tizzy like it has some folks. Because his fake house of cards based on lies cannot last. And once again, it will all fall apart. Because he has shown no remorse, and it was reported in the news that he continues to hang out with the same folks, at a birthday party where someone got shot. He is not supposed to be hanging out with the same people he blames for his killing and abusing dogs. his former partner/animal dealer had one kennel closed down and now has been found to be abusing and neglecting dogs again.  Hello. (read below).  I suggest that people who want to make a difference, tell the world about Premier K9 asap. And make a lot of noise about it. None of the articles say whether Vick had obtained dogs from Washington and/or whether or not Vick and Washington are currently associates. However Vick has knowledge of dog fighters and abusers of dogs that he has not released to authorities that we know of.

An Indiana bank sued both Washington and Vick for $2 million after they said the pair refused to pay the bank back after getting a loan to buy 130 cars.

Channel 2 contacted the bank’s attorneys to see if that lawsuit was ever settled, and is still awaiting a response.

Premier K-9 touts professional wrestlers, basketball, baseball and football players as satisfied customers on its website.

Vick became partners with an animal dealer named Art Washington, first in a car rental business (a $1.4 million investment), then a horse farm on which Vick made a $200K personal guarantee.

Fox 5 in Atlanta reports that Washington is being issued 16 (61 being considered) citations in connection with the conditions at the kennel, and may face additional charges after further inspection of the facility.

State investigators have ordered Premier K9 to stop doing business.  State  agriculture inspectors have already ordered the facility temporarily closed after finding major violations.

Henry County animal control offices say they are considering filing 61 counts of inhumane treatment of dogs at the Premier K9 dog training and boarding facility…

Washington’s former kennel cloud nine pet resort was shut down due to animal abuse 12 years ago…

one lone teenage kennel worker was told to feed 61 dogs every other day… and the neglect happened over time not just a couple of days…  dogs at risk of heat stroke…two dead dogs…

Washington told investigators he is selling the business, which raises, sells, trains and imports German shepherds, Rottweilers and Presa Canarios.

Washington has had extensive business ties to Vick, WSBTV reported, including a partnership in a former car rental venture. ESPN Magazine reported the Vick and Washington were also partners in a horse farm at one point.

According to the Premier K9 website, the company has provided dogs to many athletes and celebrities…

Washington’s formal statement…

Vick’s ex-partner, Art Washington of Premier K9 has just been cited and law enforcement possibly will be pursuing more charges because authorities found dead dogs and dogs living in feces and in deplorable conditions.   Washington was operating without a breeder’s permit.  Vick was a breeder and was involved in numerous businesses with Washington.

Michael Vick remains on a very strict court appointed budget.  $40 million is guaranteed, and his creditors get $20 million by 2014 or 2015.  Vick, until 2015, gets to take an allowance of $300,000 for himself.

If Vick only earns the guaranteed $40 million:

$40 million – (roughly) $15 million in taxes and $1 million agent fee = $24 million

$24 million – 40% to creditors ($9.6 million) = $14.4 million

UPDATE: Darren Rovell says it’s actually going to be a lot less. There are substantial lawyer and accountant fees that Vick has to pay, among other restrictions. He could receive as little as 11% of what the Eagles pay him.

Two-thirds of every dollar Vick earns goes to creditors and taxes.

• The rest of the money is strictly controlled. Think of it as an allowance.

• Vick can spend $4,250 per month on rent and utilities and $472 per month on a car. His mother, who was on Vick’s payroll during his headier, pre-prison days, can receive $2,500 per month.

Michael Vick, I’ll never cheer for you – Jon Friedman’s Media Web – MarketWatch  NEVER!!!

It’s a fact that 100% of known serial killers admit torturing & killing animals before moving on to humans. If we excuse the animal abusers, we give our permission for them to take the next step. Punishing them harshly the 1st time they harm an animal can  save lives.

A survey of pet-owning families with substantiated child abuse and neglect found that animals were abused in 88% of homes where child physical abuse was present.

A study of women seeking shelter at a safe house showed that 71% of those having pets affirmed that their partner had threatened, hurt or killed their companion animals, and 32% of mothers reported that their children had hurt or killed their pets.

Premier K9 sells only prong and chain collars and poor puppies like this…they are located in Ellenwood, Georgia (about half an hour from Atlanta, Ga).

Strongly suggest/recommend that getting the word out about this asap…

On this blog, I will NOT allow comments that are violent, involve name calling, suggestions of how to abuse the abusers, and/or other such rage venting which solves nothing and saves NO DOGS. If you have ideas, petitions, constructive comments, feel free to make them, thanks.

well, it is another weekend, Labor day, so am hoping you are going to have a fun time… keep your fur babies safe… and if you’d like to join us, hop aboard the Blog Hop, thanks to Life with Dogs, Two Little Cavaliers, and Confessions from the Plumecatch the code…


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47 responses to “vick’s associates still abusing dogs?

  1. ok what can we do? Let’s get a petition going or something

  2. Don’t forget, they were drug dealers/users too! (from Jim Gorant’s book)
    And M Vick tested positive while on pre trial supervision.

  3. We must notify the authorities and raise hell-as Vick makes $100M-this is still going on?????????????????????????????Where are the authorities and why is this idiot not in jail??????????????????

    • Liz Johnson

      because mr vick makes money & that can keep him out of jail & into the spotlight & making even more money, after all money makes the world round, money can buy vick his freedom as well.

      • Evelyn Ball

        Exactly….money rules this planet. It takes over for compassion and caring which mean nothing to many people out there. As far as I am concerned Vick and the likes should be shot. He lost his rights to anything when he did what he did to those poor dogs. We, as humans, are supposed to have the intelligence to know that we should treat every living creature with respect and compassion and not harm them in any way. Too many people out there care more for their money and possessions instead of the important things in life.

  4. Stephanie

    We need a petition to make laws against this stronger/penalties steeper. And some sort of animal abuser registry (“Oh hey you wanna buy this puppy *click type* oh, nope you ran a dog fighting ring-NO DOG FOR YOU!”) No more slap on the wrist punishment. Letting Vick off easy sends a message “Hey its cool to do this as long as we pretend we’re sorry or are rich, famous or sort of good at a sport”. i have a petition in the work and would like some feed back on it before i set it up to be signed and sent everywhere…

  5. Lets just continue to spread the word as much as we possibly can to hopefully reach everyone who actually gives a damn and has a heart for these dogs. This nonsense needs to stop…….no dog deserves to live in such horrid conditions. …….for the pitbulls ❤

  6. His associates are still abusing dogs….what a surprise! NOT!
    Once a psychopath…always a psychopath!

  7. Come on. Doesn’t anyone see what’s happening here? BSL is making it hard for the dog fighters to keep Pit Bulls so what’s the next step? Breeding German Shepherds and Rotties. The dog fighters are again one step ahead of the laws. Why? Because the lawmakers don’t think a darn thing through. BSL is a waste of time. It doesn’t solve the problem at all. The only way to solve the problem is to have laws that make it illegal to own an animal who isn’t spayed/neutered. If you want to breed dogs, you can only breed a maximum of two dogs once a year and you have to be registered and inspected at least once every 2 months. I guarantee that with laws like that, within 5 years kill shelters will be almost empty, there will be no puppy mills and people will learn to appreciate their animals instead of throwing them away like garbage. It will also make it really hard for the sickos in the dog fighting world operate. Instead of complaining amongst ourselves we should be petitioning our government on all levels to make and enforce laws like that. Let’s get one step ahead of those people who make money out of innocent dogs.

    • Pam DePriest

      I think that is a wonderful idea!!!!! We have always said that at our shelter that laws should be applied and all animals should be spayed or neutered. It is heartbreaking to have to euthanize a healthy animal due to limited space. Also so many of these so called “shelters” are not up to standards and animals sufferer in them due to horrible cold or heat and sickness.
      I do not understand why there isn’t laws controling all this. Would people rather pretend it doesn’t happen and ignore it? We do need to be one step ahead and pass laws that will help the animals and stop the crime.

  8. Okay so much of this money that Vick is earning a year now is actually going to go to any Charity and/or organization..let alone an animal one..if it does it will be for Publicity…how much do you think he is going to give to Best friends society, the animal rescue/organization group that took in most of the dogs rescued from his dog fighting ring?? I’m going to bet none. He never even accepted the invitation to go up there and visit them and the dogs that they rehabbed that HE tortured..the first sign of a changed man is that they FACE what they have done and the ones they have hurt. A truly changed Vick would have been done that if he were truly sorry for what he did. He wouldn’t go running to his publicity people to set things up for him and show his remorse in scripts written for him to say. A truly changed Vick would help the ones he hurt and be more involved in wanting to do good just because and to show the younger generation he hurt that it is okay to show your remorse and wouldn’t be worried about getting back into football until he did what he could to help himself be a better man and it’s obvious he doesn’t care about anything more than being in the spotlight and making that money. I can’t wait until it all comes crashing down on him, because eventually it will.

    • They said NOTHING about his money going to charity, MOST will go to his agents, creditors, lawyers and family, to pay off his debts. You are speaking to the choir here. However, you bring up a point I will address. He was court ordered to pay Best Friends, BadRap and the others a TOTAL of $900,000, it was so much per dog… a pathetic amount of money if you figure how much real time, energy, and expense it took to rehab the destruction Vick did, how much it took to get the dogs halfway normal. Some still are NOT normal, still are terrified of strangers, and have other issues, including medical ones. Whether Vick actually paid that money or not, I do not know. And BF and BR and the others are also court ordered NOT ALLOWED to raise money for the former V-dogs either… so the Vicktory dogs and their adopters and rescuers are the REAL HEROES… and I agree that a truly changed person would FACE what he did, and MAKE AMENDS to those he has hurt. Vick has NOT done that. He also refused to meet the Badrap dogs, on three separate occasions Vick refused to meet the people and dogs he hurt. HIS LOSS.

  9. sue dillon

    Nothing is Vick’s loss. Sadly and shamefully he has no remorse. He continues to create his own disgraceful world. There will be no change if he has no ah-ha moment. As was stated, money can do it all – including set up a dog fight ring any where in the world. I am an EAGLES fan – hard core! This year my eagle does not soar. The only grace here is that he will not live forever and that there are people everywhere who are sickened by this horrible activity and will rebel against him and it. In whatever way that they can. Count me in.

  10. Susan Knapp


  11. It’s horrible! I do agree that I should spread the word. I’ll post this article, if it’s O.K. with you, on my blogs!

  12. We should spread the word, I mean. Oops! Typo 🙂

  13. Linda B.

    The sad truth is that the American people, in their adulation for men who can run around & throw a ball, & the team owners, in their greed, have chosen to overlook deplorable behavior in many players, Michael Vick being among the worst. This is a man with no character, morals or conscience. If every person who hates what Vick did boycotted his games, you can bet he’d be traded out or let go. Michael Vick was right when he said “people will forget” – we’re so wrapped up in our own wants & pleasures that we allow a person like this to remain a national figure. I’m convinced that if O.J. Simpson had been a younger man, he also would have been reinstated in football.

  14. Cal

    I realize this probably won’t be the most popular comment, but…
    Articles like this are so dangerous, because people tend to blur the known facts into whatever suits them.
    The articles listed show that Washington was a business partner for Vick in a Rental Car business some years back, and possibly involved in horses.

    As far as I can tell, there’s no mention of any direct partnership in dog-fighting, and more so.. there’s nothing to say that these two are even still in contact with one another, so it’s a little bit of a stretch maybe to say “Vick’s Associates” since you imply guilt by association in wording it that way. Ex-Associate might be a little more accurate.

    I love dogs as much as the next guy, but sometimes it gets to be a bit much to read about things like this when the replies are pointed to Vick who has served his time, and not directed against Washington who should be the main focus here because of his continued/recent actions.

    • tired

      You are absolutely correct. thank you.

    • what is dangerous is allowing dog serial killers and dog abusers to abuse and kill dogs with NO real punishment. Michael Vick was not convicted of dog fighting nor animal cruelty as he should have been according to the Virginia Animal Cruelty laws. Instead he was indicted in Federal Court and pled guilty to one (1), I repeat, one count of “Conspiracy to Travel in Interstate Commerce in Aid of Unlawful Activities and to Sponsor a Dog in an Animal Fight Venture”. An offense that carries a two to five year sentence… and is a minor charge basically “promoting gambling across state lines.” If Vick had been tried according to Virginia’s Animal Cruelty Laws he could have been tried for twenty dog fights and nine executions and been in jail for SIXTY FIVE YEARS! (Read the court documents and the Lost Dogs book by Jim Gorant (senior editor of Sports Illustrated).

      Don’t know the laws in Georgia, but Washington should be convicted too but he’s out of the country conveniently.

      Serial killers have a LONG history of abusing animals. Vick says he was involved with dog fighting since he was 8 years old. We know that he abused and killed dogs for six years. Law enforcement has evidence that animal abusers also are people abusers. No one, not even his father, held a gun to Vick’s head and made him kill dogs for fun and profit for six years as an adult.

      Vick has said the only thing he would change in his past is he wishes that he did not get caught and/or that his sentence had been shorter. No remorse.

      Art Washington’s Cloud Nine Pet Resort was shut down 12 years ago for abuse and neglect and his Premier K9 dog operation was just shut down for same. Washington supplies dogs to famous sports stars and celebrities. Who knows what else will be revealed in the days to come. So far, they found two dead dogs on the property and 61 dogs emaciated living in feces taken care of by a lone teenage kennel worker who was told to feed the dogs every other day in 90 degree weather. This is a travesty and criminal and DANGEROUS.

    • Here are the unblurred facts: Vick served time for conspiracy charges, zero time for animal abuse. This man participated in dog deaths (following failure in the pit) by electrocution, hanging, and the ever so satisfying death by slinging to the ground until dead (side effect broken legs). Vick shows no remorse to this day for the animal abuse. end of facts – my opinion (and that of experts) The man is a sociopath.

      • Victoria Stilwell
        Michael Vick is about to square off against my husband’s Atlanta Falcons as part of his supposed ‘redemption tour.’ I can’t tell you how much more frustrated I’ll be if his play on the field continues to contribute to the widespread and MISGUIDED notion that we should all put his appalling deeds behind us. If you can do the things he did, there’s an important part of your humanity missing from your DNA that you can’t pretend now that you have developed. Period.

  15. eileen

    All’s I can say is;Vick you cell in Leavenworth awaits you

  16. I’ve just discovered your blog through the Saturday Hop and wanted to say a quick hello.

    The Vick issue is so disturbing. I volunteer as a writer for Best Friends, and first signed up with them after I watched the Dogtown show about the Vick dogs they took in. It broke my heart just to watch it, and I can still see the images of those poor dogs in my mind. I’m sickened every time I see publicity about Vick.

    It’s great to meet you, and I look forward to following your blog. Best wishes!

  17. I get absolutely nuts when people say he has paid his dues, forgive him and move on! I was married to an abuser who started with cats/kittens (as far as I know), then moved on to me. I simply can not tolerate Vick. I refuse to support the companies that support him, that and sharing blogs like this are all I know that I can do for now. So that is what I do.
    Thank you for gathering and sharing the information.

  18. If you’re in the St. Louis area on Sunday Spetember 11th join us at the Rams-Eagles game and bring a sign. Some of us will be protesting outside the arena from 10:20 AM to 12:30 PM.

    I’m bringing my sgn — Vick is STILL sick!

  19. who do we contact to FORCE Michael Vicket to pay his restitution? NONE of it has been paid to the dogs as COURT ORDERED!

  20. Josh

    Wow, perfectly said Lindy. I agree with you 100%!

  21. I have the tape of Ted Bundy’s last interview before his execution; he says point blank that all serial killers have two things in common and if they tell you they don’t, they are lying; one is they addicted to porn and the other is they start killing small animals and move on to larger ones. Look at Son of Sam, killing neighbors dogs.

  22. We are die hard fans of THE PITTSBURGH STEELERS, and when we played the Eagles pre-season the other night, we did not watch the game!!!! And Rita (above), you are absolutely correct about serial killers!! And Stephanie (above), we will gladly sign your petition!! Let’s do something to save our dogs from the likes of these monsters!!

  23. Teresa

    Michael Vick is not sorry for what he did, only that he got caught. I can’t bear to look at his smirking face and will only watch him play to hope he takes multiple hits from the opposing team. It’s only a matter of time before he screws up again…..I just hope that someday justice is finally served.

  24. People need to realize how totally helpless animals are, how dependent on us, trusting as a child that we will be kind, and take care of their needs …they are an obligation put on us, a responsibility we have no right to neglect, nor to violate by cruelty. Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character, and it may be confidently asserted that… He who is cruel to animals CANNOT be a good man.

  25. Jim

    “He who will abuse animals because he has them in his power is both a coward and a tyrant. A disposition to cause pain, whether to our fellowmen or to the brute creation, is satanic… A record goes up to heaven, and a day is coming when judgment will be pronounced against those who abuse God’s creatures.” -Ellen G. White, “Mind, Character, and Personality Volume 2” pp 443 (circa 1890)

  26. Sandi

    There are so many great comments and ideas here! I am also irked when people say that Vick paid for his crimes – he did not serve time for ANY dog-fighting charge. I think there were dozens of those charges against him too.

    He COULD do so much if he was really sorry and remorseful for the torture and pain he caused those dogs. (which he’s not, so he will NEVER do)
    –Pay for every single dog for the rest of their lives: medical care, mental care, training, food, supplies, etc. I don’t mean make the wonderful new owners rich, but enough to care for the dogs. (will never happen)
    –Make TONS of public service commercials and announcements against dog fighting. (which he’ll never do, again) Tell people how much harm it causes the animals AND the people who do it, witness it, and save the animals from it.
    –Make TONS of visits to schools, youth centers, youth clubs, etc, to do the same. He could use his sport/fame to influence many young people, and maybe some older ones. (again…never happen)

    I, too, think the laws should be severe, even for a first offense. He should NEVER be able to own another animal, not just dogs. Anyone who will willingly do the things to an animal that he and his buddies did to those poor INNOCENT dogs will never be sorry. I do not support any company that I know involves him. I am embarrassed that so many of them (companies, sports teams, and fans) think he deserves a second chance.

    I like Linda Ray’s idea (above) about limiting the number of litters that can be bred by any particular dog. That would be a good start in lowering the money-producing numbers for ALL breeders. And I am NOT against responsible breeders at all, but there are too many irresponsible breeders are out there.

    I just think that it will take far too long for people, as a whole, to acknowledge and regulate animal abuse. Too many innocent animals have been, and will continue to be, abused, tortured, and killed. I wish I believed that karma, fate, prayer, anything, would “come around” to the abusers and torturers…but it doesn’t seem too. Michael Vick and the companies/ teams/fans who support him are a great example that it doesn’t. At least I know that I will NEVER support him or any company that does, and that there are lots of others out there who are doing the same thing because they are horrified by Vick and his supporters too. Maybe one day there will be enough of “us” non-supporters to hit the companies in the only place that makes a difference – $$$.

  27. snappingturtle

    Vick has shown no remorse, no sympathy for all the pain he left in his wake.He never was sentenced for the abuse he heaped on the dogs.He has not paid for his crimes. Only buy sending letters & e-mails to the Eagles & all who sponsor him can a message be made that we don’t agree with what he did. All missives have to be firm but polite. Nasty, hate mail accomplishes nothing. Vick caused so much pain to these dogs. Maybe the ones who support him should be forced to watch the videos of him laughing as he tortured a dog to death. Then maybe these companies will see why people are so upset. But boycott all products endorsed by Vick. Write letters to the companies & let them know you are boycotting them & why. Demand investigations into Vick’s conections with Washington. He needs to be stopped.

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