Adopt your favorite shelter

Giving to those affected by the Texas fires

To help those affected by the Texas wildfires, select VCA Animal Hospitals in the state of Texas (in and around both Austin and Houston) are offering free boarding for companion animals.

Go like their facebook page…

Austin-area hospitals:

VCA Ben White                     VCA Northwest Hills          VCA Tanglewood

2417 W. Ben White Blvd     3426 Greystone Drive         2110 Slaughter Lane, 120

Austin, Texas 78704            Austin, Texas 78731             Austin, Texas 78748

512-444-7518                         512-345-5067                       512-280-0878

Houston-area hospitals:

VCA Tomball Veterinary Hospital                                         VCA Woodlands Animal Hospital

28800 Tomball Pkwy                                                                 428 Rayford Road

Tomball, Texas 77375                                                                Spring, Texas 77386

281-351-5441                                                                             281-367-7553

VCA Spring Animal Hospital                                                VCA Ashford Animal Hospital

1811 Spring Cypress                                                                 12633 Whittington

Spring, Texas 77388                                                                  Houston, Texas 77077

281-353-5167                                                                             281-497-3917

Tis the Season

In this economy, a group of creative animal loving folks came up with a great idea. They’ve created a new website that enables folks to donate money to your favorite animal shelter/rescue organization. As you shop, a percentage is donated to the shelter/rescue. How cool is that?  And if you do not see your favorite listed, you can add them to the list. It is a FREE service.

When you shop through at one of the retail merchants, Adopt-A-Shelter™ is paid a commission.  Adopt-A-Shelter™ directs 100% of the donation displayed on directly to your shelter / organization. Prices, customer service and discounts are all the same at stores such as PetSmart, Best Buy and online at Amazon and others.  And you do not need to register with the Adopt a Shelter site, or login or subscribe to anything !

Easy as 1 2 3… Adopt a shelter/rescue … Go Shopping … Shelter/Rescue Gets Money

Start shopping and donating.  Before you know it, the holidays will be here…


If you need step by step instructions like I did here goes:
Go to

Under “1 Choose a Shelter to Adopt.” Click on “Search.”

It will drop down a list of shelters & rescues.

Click on your group.

If you don’t see your favorite group,  Go up to the bar and click on “Add a Shelter.” Fill out the information. It may take a day for your group to be approved.

Once you’ve clicked on your shelter, an orange square appears that says, “Shop Now.” Click on it.

A list of types of stores will appear.

Click on Amazon. Because it carries everything, Amazon appears under every category.

Once you click on the store, it takes you to the store’s website. You shop as you would ordinarily shop.

Spend lots of money! Buy cool stuff.

and when you go shopping with your dog, here’s some tips for doggie etiquette:

It is time again for the Blog Hop, thanks to Life with Dogs, Two Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume. So get on board, catch the code right here…


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2 responses to “Adopt your favorite shelter

  1. What a great idea for helping those shelters!

  2. CeliaSue–Thank you! I added my local animal shelter and rescue group. Now I’ve got a great excuse to shop–for the dogs, of course! –bob

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