press agent to the stars…

Sometimes a polka dot princess just has to brag about her mama… who did a radio interview and wrote an article in American Dog Magazine…

radio interview with Coach Marla, talked about Patrick, the Patrick movement, pit bulls, healthy-dog allergies, dogs have feelings and more

page 76, travel with fido article, American dog Magazine… there’s also some infamous hounds in the magazine, Handsome Dan and Hector the Pit Bull, you might know who they are

CeliaSue also gets press for authors and business owners to enhance their credibility and bottom-line. Me, I’m a dog so I sniff bottoms. Not so, with the two-legged human kind. Occasionally, I have to share the limelight. It’s a dog’s lot in life. If you want to become a star, just get noticed, get the word out or get the media attention you deserve…

If you’ve got a Shaggy Dog Tale to Tell (not me, I’ve got plenty of polka dot tales to tell) But the Cat’s Got Your Tongue (not me, I chase them up trees)…   CeliaSue can assist you in Getting Published/Promoted. No bones about it.  And I know because I am her Pup-Lick Relations Assistant and NO bones get by MY nose.


She thinks I’m adorkable…whatever that means… I better be good from now on…  (Note from mama: Fat chance !)

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