83rd national dog week

83rd Observance of National Dog Week,  honor the nation’s 70 million plus dogs… September 19-25, 2011


Enter to win a chance to get a copy of Portland pet artist’s animal painting used for National Dog Week


Lennox… speaking of a dog and a week…

This dog has another week to live, so please share and sign the petition to save Lennox. Lennox has a very special bond with his 13 year old owner, as her her best friend and therapy dog. Send him home. Let the court know it’s beyond cruelty to kill a dog because of the way he looks. Link to sign and share,


Please sign and share for Lennox.  hoping to get 100,000 signatures to save his life.

This dog in Ireland is going to be put to sleep because of the way he looks. Here is a plea from his family:

“Lennox is a loveable 5 year old family member. He’s an American Bull dog cross that we have owned since he was a little pup. On Wednesday the 19th May 2010 he was taken from our family home by Belfast City Council as they believe he falls under the dangerous dogs act for Northern Ireland. The Council, without seeking any proper professional guidance declared Lennox to be a breed of “Pitbull Type” and so they wish to kill him simply because he has the appearance of said breed. Lennox has never attacked anyone or anything yet the council have removed him from his home where he lives with my wife, myself, our 12 year old Daughter and his soul mate Juicy, a 2 year old female boxer. Belfast City Council are pressuring our family to sign him over to them to be destroyed however we feel the need to fight his case, he cannot speak but we will be his voice! If this was a human we would declare this racism. We ask every kind hearted person for your support, don’t let them murder him.”


Good Newz/Sad Newz

Back to American soil… It sounded like a good idea… turn M. Vick’s former mansion property where his Bad Newz Kennels reigned into a Good Newz Rehab Center… change a place where dogs were killed and tortured into a happy, healing place.  From the beginning there were naysayers who said that the founder, Tamira Thayne, of Dogs Deserve Better and her associates were up to no good and deceiving the public. And that the property was cursed, not a good place for a dog healing center.

Now it appears that the naysayers were right.

Not only has there been a lawsuit with allegations of a stolen dog, but now the organization’s leader, Tamira Thayne, is being accused of misappropriation of funds and other illegal actions. She has been living on the property since April. There were 150 rescue reps around the country, now there are 25. Shannon Allen, the national rescue coordinator just quit.  And now it seems that the Good Newz Rehab Center is a bust, going belly up. And who suffers the most, the dogs who DO DESERVE SO MUCH BETTER.


Happy new Patrick photos… Happy Re-Birthday Patrick !!!!

Now is the time for all good dogs to jump aboard the Blog Hop… thanks to Life with Dogs,  Two Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume… the code is here so grab it…


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5 responses to “83rd national dog week

  1. Why is it that people can be so cruel and pay no consequences while those they take advantage of suffer so? the dogs at the rehab center have been victims of stupidity- and those stupid humans will probably suffer at most a slap on the wrist.

  2. Patrick looks amazing! Thanks for posting the pic.

  3. oh my gosh is that patrick as in THE patrick who was left for dead? he looks incredible!!! wow.

  4. Thanks for reminding everyone to boycott Nike/Subway!

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