Sunny skies in Grants Pass, Oregon

Latest update: They need a new engine, cost $10,000. They had raised $5,000 as of yesterday. And this from their FB page:

Lori Lauten

We don’t have any fresh news yet this morning, but as of last night they had all the dogs off the bus & they had all gone to a privately owned property where they were fed, watered, walked, checked by Dr. Berton, and smothered with love & attention. They also had shelter from the sun, & night air, and blankets in their crates.They may be arriving a little later than planned, but please trust that they are in the very best of hands, and will arrive no worse for their adventure. I am sure we will have new information within the next couple of hours. Support & offers of help have been flooding in from everywhere. Check back in a little later & we will post updates as we have them.



Shout out to Shari’s restaurant in Grants Pass, who Stepped Up to an Urgent Call for help from me for Sunny Sky Animal Rescue, an animal rescue group from Washington who went to LA to rescue dogs from high kill helters. On the way back, they got stranded on the bus in Grants Pass. They need help with unexpected expenses, including $1,500 to fix the bus, and food, water for the people and 100 dogs. The manager at Shari’s gave the group water, ice, food and  internet! Grants Pass Shari’s – 24 Hour Family Dining in Grants Pass, OR – Shari’s Restaurant & Pies Shari’s Restaurant serves fresh baked pies and quality meals in a family-friendly atmosphere.  Their food, water, needs are met, now they need to get the bus fixed.

Update: Two mechanics are on site, and state troopers brought food and water, too and the TV station is also doing a story… one way to get publicity, folks LOL…

Thank you to all the folks who’ve stepped up including Shari’s, mechanics, Fire Dept, State Troopers, folks on Facebook, TV station and Susan Stelljes (Portland Oregon Patrick Movement) etc.

Donations to keep the bus Rollin’ can use the link Below:

pet friendly places to stay in Grants Pass

wineries, call and find out if they are pet friendly

Weirdly, last night there was another Grants Pass, Oregon story on 20/20, and I was crying my eyes out. This family with young children, James and Kati Kim, got stranded off the Bear Camp Road/Galice Road, Highway 23… WARNING: DO NOT EVER TAKE THIS ROAD TO TRY TO GET TO THE BEACH/COAST… The Kim family got stranded in winter and James lost his life in 2006.  In 2008, Cici and I traveled there and got lost and it is a horrendous road. It was in the summertime and we were trying to find shade, relief from the heat (water), and the road is rough, twisty, windy, and we were scared. I was, Cici was kind of k9 oblivious. After driving for a couple of hours, I finally was able to turn around go back to Grants Pass. There is a sign to Gold Beach 54 miles. That seemed like a plan but was NOT.

The best routes to get to the beach are head north to Roseburg, then Sutherlin, take the beach road there. Or take the road from Eugene to Florence. NEVER EVER try to go to Gold Beach from Grants Pass through the Galice Road. Summer, winter, any time of year.

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  1. Thank you Shari’s and the fire dept and many on FB for all the help.

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