my dog is better than your dog

all of the life stages of your canine…  now I am wondering about the doggies who have puppies of different breeds, I heard somewhere that can happen … curious minds want to know about the puppies… so I googled and this is what I found out… yes, indeed, a mama dog can have puppies in one litter with different fathers.

according to the chart below, in two years, my cici will be a senior… that seems crazy for a 7 year old dog to be considered old already.  My Cici is still a growing girl, silly puppy.  In two years, she’s gonna become cranky like moi????  hardly.

  • Puppyhood ends between six and 18 months of age.
  • Adolescence starts between six and 18 months of age.
  • Adulthood starts between 12 months and three years of age.
  • The senior years begin between six and 10 years of age.
Here’s what Cesar Milan has to say …


The phase of puberty is usually rather short and will last from between one month and six weeks. It starts around the sixth month, and can manifest itself in many different ways: often your dog will behave badly and won’t want to learn anything new. Sometimes he may forget what he has learned so far, or at least pretend to. In this phase, you should be persistent and keep on with his education program.

I rescued Cici when she was six months of age and she was an adolescent… interesting… she did NOT bark until she was about a year old. I remember the exact moment because it surprised her and me both. She was looking out the window and all of a sudden this sound came out of her. She found her voice. We were both startled. She did it again and again. She is not a big barker, she likes to moan and make weird noises to get her points across but on occasion, she does bark at me, at the birds or at other dogs. Funny girl.

Aging in dogs… wikipedia suggests that aging in dogs varies according to breed and size of dog. There are factors related to longevity including diet, exercise and spay and neutering. I’d think that whether the dog had loving owners who treat them like a family member or if the dog had been abused, living on a chain, neglected, and other factors matter, too.  I would also think that where you live, city, town, country would make a difference, too.

More about dog longevity… no info about the American Pit Bull Terrier nor Staffordshire Terrier, hmmmm… no data collected because the researchers could not care less about these dogs and/or they get euthanized too young/early?  ugh…

this tells you what to do for your dog at each life stage…

my dog is better than your dog…this is from an old commercial for dog food… interesting name of the dog food…

blog hop time thanks to Life with dogs, two little cavaliers and confessions of the plume… grab the code and have a fun ride…


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2 responses to “my dog is better than your dog

  1. Wow! I am now a senior dog! I better tell Jen!

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