Patrick: a million dollar dog

Dogs should not be considered property. It is 2011 not the Dark Ages. Women were once considered property and so were slaves.  Dogs are living beings not commodities to be bought and sold.  As long as our society/culture thinks that animals are property, lesser than us, inferior and/or somehow unworthy of the rights of all beings (but then Wall Street thinks the poor and middle class are not worthy of homes, jobs, health care, their Constitutional rights including the right to vote, food and so on) then animals will be treated badly and not taken seriously.


Thankfully some of us do believe that dogs (and other animals) should be treated humanely and are HAPPY that Patrick who was horribly neglected, abandoned and abused, has found LOVE, a forever home, safety and happiness with his family and deserves to continue to thrive in their loving care.



That is why it is hard to believe that AHS is still waging their war against Patrick and the good people at GSVS, all in the name of GREED.

But apparently the fight for Patrick continues as the Associated Humane Societies has filed another lawsuit against the city of Newark and the veterinarians caring for Patrick. In their complaint, AHS makes it very clear how they view Patrick. AHS argues that he is “trademark registration number 23699” which will make them a lot of money. When they look at Patrick, all they see are dollar signs.  They do not take proper care of the animals already in their (has anyone considered shutting them down permanently, firing the people in charge and/or taking the animals already in their care away from them???? if not why not????) Disgusting …this literally made me sick to my stomach… so beware if you are queasy. 

To All:  Have reviewed the papers filed by AHS. Nothing new, nothing that has not been said in the past. To answer the question of where we stand on this here is the simple answer… same as since March 16th 100% behind Patrick and yes I think he is where he belongs and should stay and yes I will testify in Court if needed. Yes testify against AHS administration. CLEAR ??? Just sayin……………. Capt



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3 responses to “Patrick: a million dollar dog

  1. Leave him along, AHS! Patrick is NOT a money making machine, he’s a living, breathing being who’s been through hell and more torture than most of us will ever go through in a lifetime, He deserves to live a happy life with PEOPLE who love him… not as a fundrasing tool under a trademark for your greed, without the love he was denied. Do you really want to torture him for the rest of his life? Is that all he means to you? If so, then you need to be shut down, PRONTO!

  2. AHS leave Patrick alone. If you hadn’t seen him you would not have used him. He has a family that loves him and gives great care. All you would be doing is upsetting him and causing his family undue expense. All you want is something to make you more money. Take care of those you have. Your money would be spent better there than fighting for Patrick in court.

  3. How is it that this still happens? Leave him alone!!!

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