pit bulls have feelings, too

October 22, 2011 is National Pit Bull Awareness Day 

Get involved, send a press release out to your local media… here’s more info:


new pit bull movie, guilty until proven innocent


an example of a dog smiling, A PIT BULL


The art speaks for itself…



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4 responses to “pit bulls have feelings, too

  1. I’m an avid Dog Whisperer fan.

    Cesar Milan is the perfect man to prove that it isn’t about the breed of dog , it’s all about the owner.
    His pit bulls are the calmest dogs around.

  2. nophie

    Great post! I love big dogs and pitbulls was one of them. But instead of getting positive feedback about this breed I get lots and lots news about the fighting pits 😦 until I came through Cesar with his pits, Daddy and Junior, I’m so happy that I finally found someone who appreciate this beautiful breed. People need to know that when something goes bad, its the human’s fault to force them to fight each other and they’re the one who need to be responsible NOT the dogs! I hope this message can reach out to public and help people to learn more about this breed.


    p/s: you can delete my earlier post if there is any 🙂

  3. I agree that pitties have gotten a bad rap and it’s not right. All are not bad, and society has made it worse. They need to focus on the good of the dog, not the bad. There are some very laid back and beautiful pitties out there, and I have one of them. He is very loving and good with children and my cats.

  4. Pitties have gotten a lot of bad PR. Society has obviously not learned from history.

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