happy pit bull awareness day

a very special howdy and happy from the Vicktory dogs, and Nikhi Cormier, who created these wonderful photo tributes to these very fabulous ambassadors for the breed… these former M. Vick dogs started off at the Bad Newz Kennels and were given a second chance … and now they are Loving Their Lives… eight have become therapy dogs, most have been adopted and are living in homes with other dogs, cats and kids… Fifty plus fantastic ambassadors for the breed we love…and of course there is Little Red, Leo, Jonny Justice, Mel, Audie, Squeaker, Georgia and all the others not pictured here…




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4 responses to “happy pit bull awareness day

  1. Great post! I love to see more on what’s going on with Vick’s victims! I read the book, The Lost Dogs, and cried over and over!

    With today being Nat’l Pit Bull Awareness Day, I’ve already told my Titan, “Today we are going for a ride to Concord Pet store and see how many ignorant people we can scare off!” 😉 Thanks for all you do to spread awareness!


    • how about some compassion for the people who are afraid of pit bulls instead of trying to scare people off ??? there was a great show on Animal Planet last night with a man who was terrified of pit bulls and he overcame his fear… LOVE/kindness, compassion and courage is what today is about, not double standards… pit bull owners want people to LOVE their dogs, or at least not ban them, please act responsibly, thank you.

      • We don’t purposely try to scare ppl off silly. They get one look of Titan and instantly are like “Oh those dogs are mean! I don’t like those dogs.” Happens everywhere we go. Rather than getting to know him, they walk the other way. A lot of fear of them in our state.

      • Oh btw, I guess you didn’t see the lil 😉 . It was a joke. I’m one of the most responsible pittie owners you will find.

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