best pet 4 you

what’s the best pet for you and your family?

some things to consider when adopting a pet, go to your local shelter and find your new best friend… spay/neuter, and if you are able, think about getting a pit bull / mix… older pet, chi, or some of the other pets that get left behind such as the black beauties! also, most pit bulls do not make it out of the shelters alive in the US. California has an overpopulation of chi’s. Too many healthy pets end up on death row due to overbreeding, puppy mills, greedy breeders, etc.

Even Bo, the First Dog, wants us to help stop euthanizing sheltered and homeless pets… imagine how much money goes towards killing shelter pets. Thinking about how many thousands of tax dollars goes towards killing animals makes me want to donate my tax return refund to a No kill shelter.

 don’t forget some of the very special former Vick dogs are available for adoption… read all about how to give one of these amazing dogs a home…

what are the pets kids love most???

8 Pets Kids Love, Nannies Hate 

how to create the best pet photo

now is the time for the Pet Blog Hop again, it goes so fast these days… thanks to Life with Dogs, Two Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the PlumeGrab the code and enjoy the ride.

very cute video at Life with Dogs, my cici likes to lick horse’s hooves…


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2 responses to “best pet 4 you

  1. And don’t ignore the black beauties!

  2. So much great info! Mom found me via and recommends that to all her friends looking fur a new family member! We have 2 black kitties too ( and an older kitty buddy). Don’t understand the bias against black kitties at all. Ours are beautiful sweeties!

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