spread the goo

It is Happy Peanut Butter month and what better way to celebrate than to add a little Healthy Goo to your dog’s life???  Cici is now itch-free and drools at the sight of her Goo. So get a jar, a spoon and get your dog on the Goo today.

Spread a little Goo and

Fight Canine Allergies Too

Doggy GOO™

makes the Serious Business of Fighting Canine Allergy Itch Fun !
FUN for You

Tasty Treat FUN for your Dog


with 100% Natural, GOO-licious Peanut Butter !


And to celebrate

National Peanut Butter Lovers Month,

Healthy GOO has a

Spread the GOO Promotion

with $ 5 Savings on Doggy GOO.

When you Think American, you think Mom, Apple Pie, Hot Dogs, Baseball, Football, NASCAR and of course PB & J ! Found in 75% of American homes, Peanut Butter is as American as it gets. What child or adult, in the gut wrenching ravages of hunger has not grabbed a jar of their favorite peanut butter, their sweet tooth craving jelly, jam or preserve, maybe a little butter and a loaf of bread and hunkered down to make their favorite tasty snack on the planet… PB & J !

To call Peanut Butter a Food is a vast injustice to this humble appetite quenching, protein filled powerhouse. For many, Peanut Butter transcends the definition of a Food. It moves beyond a Snack, to a state of nirvana. Satisfying a craving, what does it better than peanut butter?

In 1890, a St. Louis physician suggested processing and packaging ground peanut paste into a nutritious protein substitute.  Now, Top Chefs all over the world have embraced this GOOey substance for its taste, versatility and creative possibilities in some of today’s most innovative dishes!

In symbiosis with this Peanut Butter Renaissance, Healthy GOO, an innovative Pet HealthCare Company has embraced 100% Natural Peanut Butter as “The” critical patient compliance ingredient in its Canine Allergy Product, which is Cute & Playfully called Doggy GOO.  DOGs just go Craaaazzy for Peanut Butter.

Healthy GOO’s Medical Director and Veterinary Dermatologist Dr Kristin Holm explains why there is a Canine Allergy Fighting Method to its Peanut Butter / Doggy GOO Madness. “We chose 100% Natural Peanut Butter for a number of critical reasons. To begin, DOGs just Luv Peanut Butter, which ensures high “Patient / Dog Compliance” for Doggy GOO’s allergy focus. And because Doggy GOO is regarded as a Tasty Treat by your Dog, Pet Parent compliance is also virtually guaranteed to keep both the Pet and Pet Parent’s GOO Allergy Fight going!”

Dr. Kristin further explains, “But there is more to GOO than meets the Dog’s Taste Buds. You see, Peanut Butter was not only chosen for its Tasty Treat appeal, but for its Lick / Lick / Lick GOOey-ness. You see, Doggy GOO employs what is called a Sublingual Delivery methodology in its fight against Canine Allergies. Pet Parents spread a small amount of Doggy GOO onto a clean bowl or plate, so that the Dog has to repeatedly Lick / Lick / Lick up their GOO.

But while this is a GOO-Licious Tasty Treat for the Dog, with every GOO Lick, small amounts of Enviro Allergy ingredients are brought into the Dogs mouth, and the mouth is slathered with GOO Juice. It is via this GOO Juice presence to the thin mucosal skin of the Dog’s mouth that the Allergy ingredients are Sublingually absorbed into the bloodstream. It is via this GOO Juice presence, followed by absorption, that the Bio-Availability to the BloodStream begins to leverage the adaptive power of the immune system to build tolerance to these offending allergy sources and begins to work its Allergy Magic.

Given Peanut Butter’s critical patient / dog compliance role in Doggy GOO’s Allergy Fight and in Celebration of November Peanut Butter Lovers Month, Healthy GOO offers its Spread the GOO Promotion with a $ 5 Savings ( Promotion Code PB&GOO5 ) toward each Doggy GOO Purchase thru December 5 2011. Please visit www.DoggyGOO.com and enter your GOO Promo Code.

Dr Kristin shares ” A Dog’s Healthy Immune System can Fight Off much of what Life Throws at it Everyday. But when it comes to a Mis-Wired Allergy Immune System, Mother Nature can’t do it on her own, she needs a little extra Doggy GOO Re-Calibration Help. Doggy GOO celebrates Peanut Butter for making Fighting Canine Allergies FUN for Pet and Pet Parent.”.





A Dal named Rico drooling (for Goo) or food…






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2 responses to “spread the goo

  1. I will have to check that out. One of my dog’s favorite things in the WORLD is peanut butter! Have a great day!

  2. AnnieS

    I can not believe how much I learn when reading your Blog.

    Thanks for sharing so much information, LUV IT!

    So glad I found it!

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