Jack be Nimble

Jack be nimble; Jack be quick; Jack jump over the candlestick and through the hoops or rather Cici be nimble; Cici be quick; Cici jump through the hoops…


doggie yoga

the problem with the article below and it is the only one I could find is that it does not have visuals and I’ve recently realized that I need to SEE not just go by a bunch of words… people learn different ways…  and even though I used to do yoga myself, there are some poses mentioned that I am NOT familiar with… so don’t assume that your audience can understand your words… sometimes, especially when it comes to exercise poses, your audience needs to see visuals.


now if you are a handy dandy type of person and want your dog to do agility, perhaps you could build an agility course for your dog rather than buy one or go to a dog gym…

one I saw was much too complicated for me…

this was a good suggestion…

try substituting a children’s play tunnel from your local toy store. Don’t forget to anchor it down; you can use bungee cords or sandbags to hold your tunnel in place. Or a brick we have back there perhaps?

Cici loves her NEW shiny red tunnel, I got it on Amazon because I could NOT find it in the stores around here… at first, she tried to bite it, to play tug of war with it… but then I started throwing treats inside it and within five minutes, she was going inside the tunnel to get them. She did NOT want to stop the game. Hey, treats, cookies, yum, MORE, MORE… she did not like going through all the way at the beginning, but she did go through the whole way a few times, she will get used to it…

My roommate took Cici for a very long walk last weekend and the weekend before. After the first walk, the next day her leg was swollen and she was limping and hopping in the morning, worrying me. But it went away by midday, thankfully. I realized that she had not had much exercise for the past year and just was not used to it. And last weekend, I figured she needs to get used to exercise again. This time, there was no limping/hopping aftermath. I do think that you should proceed with caution and not over-exercise your dog. There is a tendency to go from famine to feast and overdo. Am thinking, like with anything else, slow and steady wins the race. Start off with a 5 minute session every day for a week; then increase to 10 minutes; then 15 and 20 and so on.  That is how I got myself off the couch when I was out of commission with fibromyalgia. And that is how I will also proceed with Cici and my arthritis.


we got a spare tire to do a tire jump, hmmm.. and I also got a hula hoop… to have her jump through… oh we’re gonna have a lot of fun doing this and my Cici will be getting some very necessary exercise again !




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