Border Collie is the first Dog to lead an Occupation

Border collies were bred to herd livestock including sheep. Border Collies are also noted for their intelligence. Occupy protesters are not known for being sheep, so it must be Shelby’s intelligence that prompted Occupy Denver to elect this 3-1/2 year old Border Collie mix as their leader. That and being pressured by Denver Mayor Michael Hancock to name a leader in order “to deal with City and State officials.”

One of the organizers, Al Nesby, nominated Shelby as the group’s leader after filmmaker Michael Moore showed up and rubbed him the wrong way by refusing to follow general assembly rules. Shelby’s bodyguard, filmmaker Peter John Jentsch, was happy to comply and Shelby received a landslide vote.  Shelby maintains a strict protest against leashes and has pawticipated in the Denver Occupation for the past month. Protesters have already made an official request for Shelby to meet with Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper.

Denver politicians are probably scratching their heads wondering who let the dogs out.

But since corporations are now considered people, the Denver Occupiers feel that Shelby is closer to a person than any corporation: She can bleed, she can breed, and she can show emotion. “Either Shelby is a person, or corporations aren’t people,” said a Shelby supporter at the time of her election.

Shelby is getting her paws wet becoming a real political animal. It is expected that she will not condone any of the usual dog-eat-dog tactics.

Shelby exhibits heart, warmth, and an appreciation for the group over personal ambition that Occupy Denver members feel are sorely lacking in the leaders some of them have voted for on national, state, and local levels.

Newly-elected leader Shelby will be leading this Saturday’s Occupy Denver march against Corporate Personhood, and invites all other civic minded dogs (and their leash-holders) to join.

Cici and I would have really enjoyed a Pit Bull dog being named the leader of the Denver Occupation since pit bulls and pit bull mixes are banned in Denver. That would have been a real coup for the breed. It would take a special ambassador for the breed to lead that march.

Is YOUR dog up for becoming the SpokesDog / Leader of the Pack of your local Occupation?  Cici welcomes dogs of ALL breeds to provide leadership.What does YOUR dog occupy most of the time? Tell US Your Story (photos, too). Thanks.

Today is 11-11-11… time for our weekly Pet Blog Hop thanks to Life with Dogs, Two Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume…  Grab the code and hop away


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4 responses to “Border Collie is the first Dog to lead an Occupation

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful article. Like Cici, my pups think it’s most appropriate to occupy my bed, but if there’s an occupy movement in my area, they are going (or at least one or two of them).

  2. I think an Airedale would make a great leader. They are the “dog for all reasons”. Smarter than their humans, they open gates and doors to let themselves in and out, have been known to herd, retrieve, jump high barriers, protect their owner and have a “mind of their own.” They would not follow blindly, would lead you out of tricky situations, find escape routes, and defend you when needed. What more could you want? Oh yes, they have a sense of humor, and can make light of most situations. They love kids and the older generation, and do not fuss over a little pain. I vote for the Airedale as leader.

    • BOL, thanks, needed that… so where is your Airedale occupying??? curious minds want to know…

      • At the moment, many places. Three are occupying the deck, eating, playing, lounging, waiting for me to go out and play with them – three babies! One just leaped off the couch after checking outside to be sure that the car passing by did not have undesirables that might need chasing away! The senior Airedale is snoozing on his bed, but don’t let that fool you. He is really trying to fool you. When you take a bite of that toast he will spring to your side, with his eyes fixed on you, and not move until you give him his due – a large enough piece to satisfy- probably all that is left in your hand will be needed to satisfy. We have no fear- we are protected.

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