Q tips…

Cici and I have been selected to share with you about all of the wonderful uses of Q-Tips and the new Precision Tips™ – specially designed with pointed tips at both ends making them perfect for precise application, accurate touch-ups, and reaching small spaces..

How many uses can you find for these new pet Q-tips?  Using Q-tips to clean your dog can  help your pooch feel much better.

I bet Cici would enjoy getting a bath using Q-tips, so small she would hardly notice… 🙂

You can put some calming / healing cream or moisturizer onto doggie noses, ear tips, paws/toes and hard to reach places to sooth away the discomforts of daily life.

You can clean dirt from around their eyes and nose with a Q-tips® Precision Tip™.

Poochie paws can get filled with all sorts of dirt and debris that hide in the crevices so Q-tips are especially handy for cleaning their paws. And when your dog’s paws are painful and cracked from cold weather, Q-tips can help ease the pain when you put lotion on.

Soft and Gentle for Furry Friends
  • Use Q-tips® cotton swabs for applying healing ointment to cuts and scrapes on pets.

You can even use a Q-tip as a travel toothbrush with dental cream for a doggie teeth cleaning session.

Ear infections are pretty common with dogs. And itchy ears can make dogs cranky and feel under the weather. Never put Q-tips or any other object inside your dog’s ear where it can cause damage. You can use Q-tips to clean the exterior portion of your dog’s ear. Dip the Q-tips in an ear cleaning solution. Q-tips are good for getting into the nooks and crannies of a dog’s outer ear.

Here’s some more tips on how to clean a dog’s ears.



NEVER let your dog or cat eat, chew, and/or swallow a Q-tip.

ok, this is gross but you know how your dog scoots his/her butt across the floor, but you might be able to use a Q-tip to put anti-itchy cream and/or to clean the butt area gently. DO NOT INSERT Q-tip in the dog’s anus.

Do you have some handy tips for using Q-tips with your dogs, cats or other pets? Q-tips is hosting a Tip-A-Thon on its Facebook page. Though December 15, you can submit your creative ways to use Q-tips (including for pet purposes) and be entered to win weekly $100 gift cards or the Grand Prize of a $1,000 gift card and a year’s supply of Q-tips!


check out their funny videos, too…



After you enter your tip at the Q-Tips giveaway, come back here and leave your pet-related Q-Tip tip in the comments below and you will be entered to win a special surprise gift.  This prize is ONLY for readers here at Have Dog Blog Will Travel, so enter Today.

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