slaughtering horses and people

Obama administration and Congress passed a bill allowing horses to be slaughtered and eaten, repugnant…barf… sad… furious, sickened, all rolled up in one…


KILL KILL KILL EVERYTHING, that is America’s solution to every problem… KILLING IS NEVER A SOLUTION TO A PROBLEM…



and in other disgusting news today… read and weep for your fellow Americans and JOIN THEM…

arrests of American citizens PROVE Occupy Wall Street movement point,


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5 responses to “slaughtering horses and people

  1. Suzy

    There is considerable evidence that the ban on horse slaughter in the US has increased the suffering of horses. Both because of the horribly inhumane trips to the slaughter houses in Mexico and because of the dramatic increase in horse abandonment since people who can no longer afford their horses have no way to get rid if them. There aren’t really many animal shelters for horses.

    • THIS is what is wrong with America’s KILL EVERYTHING mentality… KILL horses. KIll dogs and cats. KILL pets. KILL the planet. Kill people. KILL KILL KILL… KILLING IS NEVER A SOLUTION TO A PROBLEM.

      • Suzy

        There is really something wrong when people would rather stand my their ideals rather than do what is actually in the best interest of an animal. Some animals should not be saved and many many animals currently can not be saved. I’m all for not killing but only when it’s what is more humane

      • agree with that… it’s just too often killing seems to be the only option that people implement when there may be other options. some people use killing as an excuse. for instance, kill shelters justify killing pets every day because they have no space for all of the unwanted animals when it has been shown, proven and works in numerous adoption centers that more pets can be adopted and not killed. what is humane? to kill an animal because some people are too lazy and/or bloodthirsty to get them adopted or take care of them properly? no, that is NOT humane. If an animal is suffering needlessly and there is no hope for them, then yes, putting an animal to sleep IS the humane thing to do for the animal. I had to take a once pet cat and get her put down for she was terminally ill with cancer and there was no hope for her getting better. I cried the whole time, did not like it but I did it for the cat’s best interest.

  2. Some people also eat dogs and cats. Should we allow them to be slaughtered for human consumption or should we ship all the abandoned pets to Mexico to be slaughtered.

    Either way, the animal suffers. Isn’t there enough suffering? There has been talk of slaughtering our wild mustangs to control the populations.

    When does the cruelty end?

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