fat cats

My cat Abundance was a sweet funny black cat with a few white markings on his belly and chin. I did not realize until after he left/ran away what a little piglet he was. He hogged the food so that Precious got shortchanged. When Precious and I were alone, he actually was able to eat properly and that is when I noticed how much he had been deprived by his brother.

Abundance was not a Fat Cat but he definitely liked his food so does Cici. She is not fat either but a lot of pets in the USA are overweight. People simply feed their pets too much and do not give them enough exercise. Sometimes pet owners joke and call their pets funny names like Chubby, Chunky, big butt,  or ahem piglet, teasing about their weight but pet obesity is not a laughing matter.

Pet Obesity is a problem that brings with it a number of health issues including shortened life expectancy.  Take a look at the chart below. It’s got a lot of good useful info that can help you and your pet.


more info about cats…


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2 responses to “fat cats

  1. Thank you for sharing this with me. Nearly 50% of pets in the U.S. are obese or overweight. Kelly did this with our yellow lab, Hudson. She used to eat all his food, and drink his water too. She also stole all his toys. Kelly is not good at sharing.

  2. We have to realize that we are in control of our pets weight, not them! Thanks for blogging about it.

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