Justice for Patrick

Patrick in the news
In the matter of Kisha Curtis Pre-Arraingment Conference concluded, Pre-Arrainment Hearing scheduled for January 20th, 2012. Capt
 To All: Please join me in sending an email to the lead NJSPCA Officer in Patrick’s case Sgt Al Peterson and thank him for his untiring efforts to bring justice for Patrick. Sgt. Peterson’s email is apeterson@njspca.org ………..Sgt Al is very dedicated to helping the animals in New Jersey. Thanks Capt

I am sure emotions will be running high. This has been a long emotional 9 months of ups and downs. I ask that you all join me in focusing on Patrick and his future as the number one priority in this case. It has been and will continue to be my main priority to make sure that Patrick remains safe and protected. Patrick’s future is so much more important than the future of Kisha Curtis. Just sayin…… Capt

Respectful correspondence can be forward on behalf of Patrick to …………..Please take note that the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office will not be accepting e-mail or phone calls concerning this case. Anyone wishing to contact them can send a fax to Essex County Prosecutor Carolyn Murray at 973-242-4901 or mail correspondence to her at 50 West Market St., Newark, N J 07102. Any correspondence should note that it is in regards to the Kisha Curtis/Patrick case.


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6 responses to “Justice for Patrick

  1. Bri

    Time now: 3:00PM 12/16/11
    this monster was to have been sentenced this morning at 9 am. Does anyone know the outcome????

  2. Bri

    So she hasnt even been arraigned yet? What is a Pre-Arraignment Hearing and how does one get tried if one hasnt been arraigned yet? It says *trial* 12/16 above.

  3. gerda coetzee. South africa

    What is going on with patrick? Any new news or videos what happened to the monster and who got to keep him? So frustrating not to find any new updates on the internet!

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