a tale of two cookies

Cici is a foodie… she LOVES her cookies and will go to any lengths to get them as evidenced in the photos below…fyi, my title must be given poetic license, thank you…no cookies were harmed in this escapade… they were however eaten…

I put a bunch of dog cookies into her new Canine Citizen bag, unleashed her and voila… said Canine Citizen bag aka Exhibit A… note the nifty poop waste bag dispenser…

and the Krebs leash

and look what happened… she’s a very lazy Cookie Monster and did not sniff out the cookies at first… I bet Riley would have figured it out… but sometimes Cici’s sniffer is just not up to snuff   Riley’s page … http://www.tombihn.com/page/001/CTGY/_DOG

but eventually Cici’s nose led her to the goodies…

and she vacuumed up the treats… and when they were all gone, she wanted MORE…

Where have all the cookies gone ???   Gone to belly every one… oh when will they ever return, oh when will they ever return???   (Think I’ve heard this song before, LOL)… (where have all the flowers gone, blog post, where have all the cookies gone)…


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2 responses to “a tale of two cookies

  1. That bag and matching leash look awesome! What a neat way to incorporate the waste bag dispenser.

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