Santa loves Senior dogs

A recent poll found that just over half of American pet owners will buy gifts for their pets this holiday season, and they’ll spend an average of $46 on their animals, with toys and treats topping the list. Overall spending in the pet industry (including food, supplies, veterinary care, grooming, boarding and pet sitting) was just over $48 billion in 2010, with over $50 billion in spending projected for 2011, according to the American Pet Products Association.

Don’t know how many folks have senior dogs but we think that seniors of both species should be honored … they are special and often get overlooked. Thankfully some folks have not forgotten seniors.

Santa has come by early for Cici this year… and anointed her his Senior K9’s helper…

the adorable polka dot princess aka Santa’s polka dot elf has a new pal…  the Hear Doggy “Flatties” (since they don’t have the stuffing)  are available in Rabbit, Skunk and Deer. And these ultrasonic toys come with a squeaker only the dog can hear. We have been having a blast!  The toy seems indestructible… we have even played tug of war with it and it looks fine. Cici has chewed on the toy and look ma, no marks on it. Amazing.  Don’t they look adorable together.

and we are donating a bounty of cool items including two flatties, bamboo and charcoal, harness, massager, toothbrush for oldsters, and more…

to Peace of Mind Dog Rescue, who rescue senior dogs and assist senior pet owners


to some very special V-dogs at Best Friends Animal Society…

the V(icktory) Dogs were rescued from a dog fighting ring in April of 2007. 22 of those dogs went to Best Friends Animal Society. Of the 22, there are 14 who are still there. Of the 14, there are two (Lucas and Meryl) who will remain for life. There are a few up for adoption (see below).

If you wish to send gifts to any of these dogs (and a friend at the sanctuary), here’s the info:


Best Friends Animal Society

5001 Angel Canyon Road

Kanab, Utah 84741-5000

Main phone: (435) 644-2001

Please write the name of whomever you are sending in for. I want to make sure they all have a little something.

The V Dogs currently at Best Friends (links to their Guardian Angel pages):










Willie Boy:

V Dogs for adoption (please read their bios, as with all potential adoptions, there are some considerations. As much as we would all love to give a V Dog (ANY dog) a home, we may not suit their needs.) To become a Guardian Angel, click the “Sponsor” tab (the same page as the others will open).





Magnetic therapy for your dog (or cat). The Silver Tails Magnetic Therapy puts magnets right on your dog. The sleeve is available in small, medium and large sizes and starts at about $5. The collar sleeve and other items in the Silver Tails line (part of the Quaker Pet Group) are sold at Petco stores and online at various retailers.

Magnets work to increase blood flow to an area which means more oxygen and more nutrients to help speed healing. It’s non-invasive and has no harmful side effects.

We know a few pooches who just had surgery who can use one of these harnesses…

The Silver Tails Bottoms Up Harness is perfect for dogs suffering from weak rear end ailments. It supports the dog’s back end while walking, climbing up steps, or entering a vehicle.

The adjustable harness strap fits around the dog’s back legs and clips to the dog’s collar. You can then use the strap handle to lift the dog’s butt giving the dog a boost to stand up. Use the longer leash strap for added support while walking with you.

Whether your senior dog suffers from hip dysplasia, arthritis, or is recovering from surgery, the Bottoms Up Harness will enhance their quality of life.

The harness is adjustable and fits dogs from 20 to 150 pounds.

Bamboo Charcoal Mats

These all-purpose mats and pet bed covers are designed to increase an older dog or cat’s comfort. The mats absorb moisture and odors and help keep pets warm.

Best of all they are machine washable and keep car and furniture dry. The bamboo insert is hand washable and gets recharged by the sun.  Looks lovely, too.

Cici cannot wait for me to use the massager and tooth brush on her…ok, I must admit, I have not brushed her teeth on any regular basis or any basis at all. I think it is important and all that but well, although I do stick my fingers and hands inside Cici’s mouth on a regular basis, the idea of brushing her teeth, has not seemed exactly appetizing. But I will now that I have a proper doggie toothbrush.

The Silver Tails™ Vet-Tech Dental Care System includes everything you need to easily clean your pet’s teeth and gums. The one-handed, ergonomically designed handle allows for greater control and a more pleasant dental cleaning experience for you and your pet. The system includes two kinds of disposable micro-fiber heads. The textured cleaning heads absorb tarter build-up, food particles and debris, removing it from your pet’s mouth. The polishing heads smooth and seal the enamel surface for a longer lasting clean.  Brushing sparkling white teeth and healthy gums. Cici is pretty mellow about me doing most things so I think it will be pretty easy to do.

Speaking of teeth, freeze this toy and voila… a yummy toy that soothes sensitive gums. To ease common senior mouth discomfort, simply soak the toys in water, freeze, and then play. Silver Tails toys are great for teething puppies too!

The Silver Tails Infrared Massager features two heated massage heads – a large head for greater coverage and a small head for smaller breeds and concentrated joint relief. A three-function switch allows for separate heat and massage control. Use daily to help soothe sore muscles, arthritis, hip dysplasia and other age-related discomforts. Rechargeable Battery & Charger Included.

The Silver Tails Hand Held Massager allows you to stay in contact with your pet, creating a great bonding experience. Two massage heads promote healthy circulation while relieving stress and muscle soreness. The flexible design lets you control pressure and the telescoping cradle fits almost any hand.  Just say Ahhhhhh…

when going for a ride with your pup, the Seat Sling is essential. It is a hammock for keeping the car fur free. There are storage pockets and slits to put your dog’s seat belt harness through. And easy washable with soap and water.

Silver Tails is part of Quaker Pet Group, LLC.

Time for our weekly Pet Blog Hop thanks to Life with Dogs,Two Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume…  Grab the code and hop away…


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8 responses to “Santa loves Senior dogs

  1. CeliaSue, you know I love senior dogs, but I really think that infrared massager was designed for MY back! –bob

  2. Seniors really are wonderful. I wish more folks would consider adopting them.

  3. Seniors are sweethearts. Love the pic with the “flatty”. Adorable!

  4. My voila isn’t responding on my dog. It didn’t like the taste and refuses to brush his teeth. I guess this would be better if they will put some flavors like ham and chicken. This sounds interesting and would love to brush his teeth everyday.

  5. Hmmm… lots of products out for us dogs. The pet industry didn’t suffer like other product industries during this economic downturn. I just hope that spending for our pets doesn’t become as ridiculous as it has for children.

  6. jon

    You have done a great job on your site. Keep it up!!!

  7. Not having to go through puppy drama is the best reason to adopt an older pup.

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