VILLALOBOS is moving

Villalobos Rescue Center

IT’S HERE, THE NEW VILLALOBOS SANCTUARY PAGE! Keep updated with all of the new dogs going to the sanctuary in Roswell, New Mexico.  New Mexico Pit Bull owners are encouraged to join Tia and the gang to keep up with any potential BSL, education and all the Pit Bull happenings in the “enchanted state”. Villalobos Sanctuary, New Mexico



If you are a fan of the Animal Planet Show Pit Bulls and Parolees, you may or may not know that Villalobos was going to move to a small town but it did not happen. Now Tia and the gang are moving to TWO different locations/states and have to be moved out before the end of December 2011… Yikes !  Read below from their website. If you can help, they need a lot of it. If you love pit bulls, do what you can do. Thanks in advance.
SPEND NEW YEARS WITH VILLALOBOS IN NEW ORLEANS!!! We are looking for a few hardcore volunteers who would be willing to travel with us and and the last 40 Pit Bulls from California to New Orleans. We will cover your “to and from” expenses (you pay for your own food) as you will be on the road with us and helping walk dogs for regular “Pit Stops” across the country. We are leaving Calif. on Dec. 30th and will be returning to Calif on approx Jan. 7th/8th. Anyone applying MUST be VERY experienced as these are our biggest and toughest (dog aggression) dogs. You also must realize that we “gangster” it all the way to New Orleans, meaning: no hotels, no showers, no stopping until we get there. Anyone interested, email:
SPEND A WEEK WITH THE VILLALOBOS CREW….. or more if you can hang. With the big move to two different locations, we are finding ourselves short handed. We are now offering to the many of you who wanted to come and “work” with us, the chance to do so at our BULLY BOOT CAMP. At this time our greatest need is in New Orleans and setting up the facility. We cannot offer any pay but we can house you right alongside Tia and the crew. This is your chance to see what it’s like to run a rescue and learn firsthand what goes on behind the scenes. This is a GREAT opportunity for those that are asking about starting their own rescue facility, wanting to learn more about temperament and housing of this great breed and just overall what happens within the Villalobos family. For all the details and to apply, put “Bully Boot Camp” in the subject line and email our volunteer coordinator at: volunteer(at) vrcpitbull (dot) com.

VILLALOBOS IS MOVING!  The biggest project we have EVER taken on is being done as we speak.  Because of financial reasons and almost impossible new rules and regulations to deal with in Los Angeles County, Villalobos Rescue Center, after 18 years, is leaving California!  We will split our organization up into two entities in two completely different states.

The Sanctuary aka the “Pit Bull Ponderosa” will be located in New Mexico where we were given (donated) a 50 acre ranch.  This location will be used for our “lifers” (our unadoptables) to live out their lives in the peace and serenity of the high desert.  We are in the preliminary stages of setting up this facility so we will soon be accepting volunteers as we make more progress.  For a list of items we need for this location, please email our volunteer coordinator at:

Our new rescue/adoption facility is being set up in the exciting city of New Orleans, LA. At this time we are only open to the public on a very limited basis and by appointment only (for adoptions and to drop of donated items)  Located in the 9th Ward, we hope to bring the much needed assistance to the overwhelming Pit Bull population as well as canine education and care to the residents of the area. As for volunteering, we could use assistance in transporting dogs (talk about an exciting road trip) and donations of crates and fold down cages. As you can imagine, the cost to move to both locations is way out of our budget so we are doing our best to get it done.

The Grand Opening of our new locations is set for March 2012.


For more information on how you can help with our move, contact:

We finally have DOGGY TEE’S!!!


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6 responses to “VILLALOBOS is moving

  1. Barbara Aubry

    I would like to apoaud Tia Marie for the reuniting of ROXY to her original owner that was the most touching episide I have seen to date. I am a 76 yr old Mother,Grand and Great Grand Mother and dogs have always been so special to me. I have never owned a Pit Bull but have grown to love them from seeing your show. I can’t own one because I live in a Senior community and the dog can’t be over 25 lbs. But keep up the good work Tia you are a Angel of Mercy and God sees everything you are doing for your dogs and guys from prison. Love Barbara

  2. veronica

    Tia…you are an inspiration to all and an angel to everyone you come in contact with!!

  3. wendy

    Hi Tia I have never missed one of your tv shows. Heres the thing you have changed my mind about pitbulls and that was hard to do. What you do is amazing and the dogs are amazing. I am in california and I am ashamed what california did to you the more I live in this state the more I question it. I have little dogs I adopted from spca in monterey ca. but I may consider a pitbull next time around of course it has to be absoulutely all pet friendly. I am inspired by you. What a great lady u are and I am so sorry california treated u badly. Tanks Wendy

    • Dear Wendy, why don’t you write to Tia. I am NOT Tia and do not have any connection to her. You can contact Tia through HER Villalobos website, the link is here on my site.

  4. I would really love to volunter for you company because I love pit bulls and I have no life please rescue me.

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