bye bye Internet, hello China?

Equally important to STOP is SOPA… they want to censor the Internet… because twitter and facebook have been so effective in bringing people together and they want to SHUT US UP…

Call Congress TODAY… Call/write your Reps and Senators… Remind them this is America not China and it is also BILL OF RIGHTS DAY and if they vote to censor the Internet, they are history…

They have proven to the US and the world that they CAN AND DO AGREE ON TYRANNY but NOT on JOBS… Expose their distractions, lies and hypocrisy TODAY…

the bill to criminalize the internet — 91 MILLION spent lobbying for it:

The Internet is under attack in Congress because some big corporations would rather stifle innovation online than compete against it.

That’s why the founders of Google, YouTube, Craigslist, and Wikipedia wrote that a bill being considered tomorrow by a powerful House committee “would have a chilling effect on innovation” and “give the U.S. Government the power to censor the web using techniques similar to those used by China.”

This is an all-hands-on-deck moment. Click here to sign our emergency joint petition with social-news site reddit — telling Congress to protect the Internet. Then pass it on!

Overnight, thousands have signed.

Some background: YouTube started in a garage. If a big company like Viacom thought a video violated copyright law, Viacom couldn’t break YouTube’s links or force the kids who invented YouTube to spend millions in court.

Instead, under the law, Viacom would have to contact YouTube and allow YouTube to decide if the complaint had merit. YouTube had a “safe harbor” of time to voluntarily take down an infringing video without penalty.

Because of this due process, early investors in YouTube knew that big corporations couldn’t shut down YouTube or litigate YouTube to death. This allowed innovation to thrive.

But if the “Stop Online Piracy Act” passes Congress, all of this would change. Innovative sites could be taken down by others (including the government at the behest of big corporations) without due process — like in China…

Sign the Bold Progressives petition… call and write, tell your friends…

and don’t forget Obama, today URGENT…

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