Very Important Dog in Las Vegas

Hi, I’m Arbor, a Labrador/Border Collie mix and a rescue from the Animal Foundation here in Las Vegas. I’m a girl, about two years of age. Note: Arbor is our new Rover Reporter. I enjoy attention, people swarm me wanting to know why there was a dog at the hotel or why I was wearing a camera.  Seems as though most people were unfamiliar with the Pet Stay program.  I also loved all the attention the Flamingo staff showered me with.  They were incredible!  Dogs are not typically allowed to spend time in the casino so it was a rare treat for me and my parents to get that kind of access.  Who knows, I may have even made Flamingo history as the first dog at the blackjack table.

I thought it would be fun to strap a GoPro camera on my back and give you a tour of Vegas from a dog’s point of view! The first hotel I visited was the Flamingo. While shooting, I was spotted by a VIP host who naturally couldn’t resist my star quality and gave me the full VID (Very Important Dog) treatment, including some time at the Blackjack table. Who knows, I might have even made Flamingo history as the first dog to have ever played cards at this historic hotel!

If you are want to bring your dog to Sin city Las Vegas, check out some of the pet friendly hotels listed here…

Vegas is a great destination for New Year’s Eve… Party with your pooch, could be FUN !

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    I really admire your ideas and way to put them together to make a wonderful blog Thanks for it.

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