hey buddy

Well, xmas is over, whew… looked like a lot of doggies cleaned up with gifts. perhaps some will share their stash with their friends, doggie pals and/or shelter pups?

how many dog toys are still in one piece today? cici has successfully chewed off the eyeballs of one stuffed toy, chewed up its nose and is now working on chewing up her santa’s helper hat… the other toy, mr. rabbit, in her happy cicimas photo got its stuffing and squeaker removed…she went outside and rescued a bone from the doggie buffet but I took it away, awwwwww…

Cici and I watched some of the Lassie movie on TV… was kind of upsetting at how callously the dog was treated by humans… left alone time and time again. Suffice it to say, our society needs to wise UP and start treating our animal friends better.

And that starts with naming pets decent dignified names. Some person who names their dog or cat a name like Diablo or Devil or Bully is setting their pet up for trouble. Names are important. Check out the info below from Petfinder about the most popular names. You don’t have to go along with the crowd to stand out but you also don’t have to name your pet a tough guy name to somehow prove you are strong or macho. Truly strong men are kind to their pets and do not have to prove anything to anyone.

What is the deal naming your pet after celebrities???  I like Brad the pit but I would not name a pet after a famous person no matter how cute the person or name. Give the pet a name that defines them in a positive way, easy to remember and suits the pet. How can a dog or cat live up to the name Lady Gaga?  Unless the pet sings and dances and puts on shows from the womb, make your precious pet your own by giving it a special/unique name that fits your family. If you truly want to stand out in our fame obsessed culture, BE YOU and let your pet be your pet. Not some celebrity wannabe.

We all have silly names for our pets besides their real/regular names. I routinely call Cici my polka dot princess, buddha belly, bubba, bug, cookie monster, and more. But those are her pet names, personal from me to her. I did not name her but I  would never name a pet a name that was a joke or so silly that other people would laugh at her. Why subject your pet to ridicule? Would you do that to a human child?

And if your dog is a pit bull, giving them a name that is scary, or dangerous or threatening, just reinforces the stereotype. Why would you do that? Your dog already has enough to deal with. And so do you.

A rose is a rose is a rose, by any other name. Rosie’s a good dog name or Rosey, for a pit bull. Or Petey. Or Buddy. Name your pet a name you can be proud of and set your pet up for lots of praise and happiness.

Now THIS is what we’re talking about… Hector the Pit Bull’s dad singing about Hector’s fur brother Wallace the pit bull…an agility star, love it…


all together now, 1-2-3…

Cici the polka dot princess

has a very shiny black SPOT

right on the top of her forehead

and if you ever saw it

you would even say it glows

all of the other humans

used to laugh and call her scary

they never let poor cici show off her pretty pink belly

then one sunny afternoon

Santa came to say

Cici with your spots so bright

won’t you show off your belly at the blog hop tonight

Now all the bloggers love her

and they shouted out with glee

Cici the polka dot princess

you’ll go down in history

Cici the polka dot princess

you’ll go down in history

Move over Fido, Buddy is officially the new “top- dog” name. Today, Petfinder.com, the largest online database of adoptable pets, announced its 2011 ranking of the most popular and most unusual names, with an extra category for TV and celebrity “name-a-likes.” For the fifth year in a row, “Buddy” barks at the top as the most trending name for adoptable dogs in 2011, while “Lucy” once again proves to be the purrfect No. 1 choice for adoptable cats.


The top five most popular names for dogs have all remained the same this year, while cats are a different story: “Smokey” and “Charlie” sniffed their way up to No. 2 and No. 4, respectively, while “Midnight” jumped down to No. 10 after coming in No. 2 for adoptable felines last year. As people everywhere swarmed the theaters and the Twilight saga continued to unfold in 2011, the popularity of the name “Bella” for both adoptable dogs and cats has remained strong since 2010.

2011 Top 10 Most Popular Dog Names
2011 Top 10 Most Popular Cat Names
1.      Buddy (15,184)
Lucy (4,195)
2.      Max (13,810)
Smokey (4,105)
3.      Daisy (12,948)
Bella (3,978)
4.      Bella (11,773)
Charlie (3,752)
5.      Lucy (11,418)
Tiger (3,735)
6.      Molly (11,049)
Oreo (3,574)
7.      Charlie (10,607)
Daisy (3,371)
   Jack (9,949)
Molly (3,355)
   Sadie (9,232)
Max (3,346)
10     Rocky (8,475)
Midnight (3,273)

Petfinder.com also handpicked the most unusual, wacky and celebrity-themed names of adoptable pets for 2011 from nearly 300 submissions by shelters and rescue groups across North America. This year’s top creativity honors go to “Dodgy Wodgy Schnookum Doodle” and “Barry Meow-nilow.”

2011 Most Unusual Adoptable Pet Names
2011 Best Celebrity Name-A-Likes
1.      Dodgy Wodgy Schnookum Doodle
Barry Meow-nilow
2.      Polly Picklepuss
Katy Purry
3.      Sukimayapoo
Ally McBeagle
4.      Iben Hooked
Brad the Pit
5.      Blue Sparkles McGillicutty
Rascal Catts
6.      Killer the Dog Dominating Declawed Cat
Ringo Starr
7.      Purr-etzle
Cindy Clawford
   Fluff Dog Millionaire
Cindy Dogford
   Jimmy Chews
Vera Fang
10     Ishkabibble
Lady Gaga
Animal behaviorists tell us it’s okay to change their names.  Here’s how: Add their new name to their old name for a few weeks, then gradually phase out the old one.”
About Petfinder.com
Petfinder.com is the largest online, searchable database of animals that need permanent homes. With more than 360,000 adoptable pets from over 13,600 animal shelters and rescue groups throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico, Petfinder.com has facilitated more than 17 million adoptions since it was launched in 1996. In addition to being an adoption database, Petfinder.com is an all-inclusive resource guide for how to select the right family pet and build a successful, life-long relationship. Thanks to its sponsors, the site is free to both visitors and to its animal placement organization members.


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6 responses to “hey buddy

  1. I read another list of top dog names, but the names were selected by the owners (“guardians”). The two lists have some names in common, and Rocky is #10 on both. Rocky is synonymous with a guy that looks totally tough on the outside but is a marshmallow on the inside, and that defines our little pibble, Rocky. BTW, we didn’t select his name–we got him as a puppy, and he’d already been named. His name fit in well with the rest of our crew, though: Boris, Natasha, Fearless Leader…

  2. Bob

    Thanks, Celia Sue for this really wonderful blog. I blogged all about my name once and it was pretty interesting when I found that there was a whole website just for “people” named Bob. I am glad I have a simple name. Just Bob. I don’t like to be called Bobby, and I am certainly not a Robert. I am just Bob, Pit Bull Reporter and Boy Bloginator, Extra Ordinary. Can you imagine if I was named Spike? Yipes. And I totally agree with you about us Pit Bulls. We especially, need dignified names. Like Bob. HA.

    You are a wonderful blogging two leg and CiCi is a wonderful Pit Bull Pal.
    Happy rest of the year.

    (please don’t tell but my Mom calls me Bob-Boo sometimes)

  3. My new puppy is called MJ for short – registered name is Castiron Smooth Criminal of Shawndee. Can you guess what MJ is short for? I already have a “Justice” so now have the “Criminal” We don’t like popular names as we are characters!!

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