Rover Reporter in Scottsdale

Here is Arbor’s latest video.   Arbor is our Rover Reporter from Las Vegas. She just got back from Scottsdale, AZ and had a grrrreat time.  
“The FireSky Resort was wonderful!  They are truly pet friendly, they do not impose any weight, size or breed restrictions.  There are no pet fees and no deposit which is especially nice when traveling with more than one dog.”  (seems like they’ve got lots of dogitude)… 

Complimentary goldfish upon request…


Bosco, Director of Pet Relations, is a 7 year old Cocker Spaniel. He went home for Christmas so Arbor did not get to meet him. Some of his duties include Hosting Doggie Happy Hour and Dirty Dog Wash, or just hanging out at wine hour.



Bosco describes the best thing about greeting pet guests and their human companions:


“We have a lobby chalkboard that resembles me.  When guests see it, they often look at me, do a double take and say, ‘Hey, that’s the dog on the board!’   I always get a kick out of that.   I also love all the attention that guests lavish on me.  My trick?  I stretch my paws in front of me, kick my back legs out like a frog, wiggle my nubby tail, perk the ears up, and woof, just like that, folks are petting me.  On a good day, I can even manage a few belly rubs!”


Bosco says, “In Scottsdale, I like to hang out at Salty Senorita—a fun Old Town restaurant and cantina—Classy Jazzy dog clothing shop, or Chaparral Dog Park—an off-leash paradise with three acres of grass. I also like it here at the FireSky, where I get people to pet me. The best thing in town, though, has got to be the “Dog Beer” we offer. It’s got my face on it, tastes great, and is especially refreshing after a long day of chewing on one’s paw.”


You can send Bosco a message via email…




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