Look ma, no hands…

Perfect for traveling, walking the dog, taking the dog to the dog park, shopping and/or a night on the town…you can take the Hipzbag with you wherever you go. If you don’t like to carry a purse, backpack or fanny pack, this might work for you. It’s nice to not have to be concerned about your valuables and to carry your essentials in an easy breezy light bag. Easy on the wallet, too.

I love being able to grab it and go, it’s small and compact and stylish.  I’ve tried other small bags before, and either they were too small, did not last because they were not constructed well, did not have enough room, had no zippered compartment, no snap flap so contents would fall out, were too pricey, awkward to carry or just plain ugly.

It has a convenient zippered compartment in front of the bag to carry money, credit cards and keys while the back of the bag has an open pocket for your phone – easy access and you can feel it vibrate on your hip. there are three ways to wear: 1) belt loops, 2) waist Strap or 3) over the shoulder.   Holds cellphone, cash, credit cards, id, lipstick, key, passport, dog treats and poop waste bags. Each bag comes with a flap, as well as a zipper, to keep your items safe inside. You have the choice to wear the bag around your hip with a strap or clipped to your pants. You can also wear it on your shoulder. ONE SIZE FITS ALL

comes in various styles, sizes and colors… faux leather, patent leather, rhinestone bags, sports bags, and men’s bags. white, tan, brown, blue, pink, gold, silver, black, purple, red and more. Pet parents on the go, of all shapes, sizes, gender and ages can utilize this comfortable and useful bag. Cici and I give these hip bags four paws up!


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