The Day the LOLCats Died…

Check out these fantastic statistics and screenshots from January 18 SOPA/PIPA Blackout Day.


The government shut down a big website…Alicia Keys husband arrested for piracy

Anonymous shuts down government websites

Yesterday was a BIG protest on the Internet against SOPA/PIPA…with websites such as Google, Michael Moore, Reddit, Wikipedia, and others that went dark.

SOPA supporters

There were some good happenings as folks bombarded Congress with emails and phone calls. Some of the sponsors and co-sponsors dropped from being on board with the bills…

People protesting are now asking for folks to ask President Obama to veto the bill (he has said that he would but he said he would veto NDAA and did not ultimately)…

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One response to “The Day the LOLCats Died…

  1. love that video…i posted it on Facebook right when it came out…it is the best!

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