Howl for Lennox and Patrick

Please keep Patrick and Lennox and everyone involved in your thoughts and prayers.

AHS is still trying to get their greedy hands on Patrick but Capt. is on the case, yay Capt!

Re: the petition that was filed last Friday by AHS.

~as posted on NJ SPCA: “To All: Had an opportunity yesterday to review the “petition” for custody of Patrick that was filed this week by AHS in Essex County Court. To say it was flawed would be a major understatement. I will be asking the NJSPCA Board of Trustees for approval to file a Petition for custody of Patrick so that we can immediately, upon approval, let the Scavelli’s adopt Patrick. AHS’s petition needs to be stopped now, Patrick is home and should stay where he is, loved and happy. Just sayin…..  Captain Yocum

Patrick’s abuser Kisha Curtis appeared in Superior Court in Newark today — visibly pregnant — where she pleaded not guilty to the indictment. Her public defender, Andrew Rojas, will seek to dismiss the charges, and has filed a motion alleging his client’s Miranda rights were violated when she gave her statement to police.

Curtis has so far rejected the state’s plea offer calling for up to 18 months in prison, a $5,000 fine, 30 days community service and termination of animal custody rights.

Superior Court Judge Joseph Cassini III, who is handling the criminal case and custody matter, set a court date for March 19.

Confident and prepared as we move forward in this amazing journey. I have become a better person because of Patrick and his unbelievable will to not only live but thrive. Patrick is living a dream right now and is one amazing dog (soul)…………….Thank you all. Be back on Saturday………Captain Yocum, NJSPCA


Please sign and share!! The international demand to get Lennox released by public appeal has entered a new phase with a call for boycotting the ceremony of the Olympic Torch scheduled to be carried through Belfast, Northern Ireland, where the dog has been held captive for death row for more than 600 days.
The petition, which is titled Free Lennox – No Olympic Torch for Belfast, says that Lennox has committed no crime but has been incarcerated only because of his physical appearance and what he “might” do.

Read more:

Things look dim for Lennox according to this article.

but not true according to Lennox’ family…

Just a quick update for everybody, as of yet there is No official word on Lennox we have heard nothing from the courts regarding a date from the Judge of an official decision. Many supporters may have read an article written by Amanda Poole stating that the 20th of Jan is the last date for a decision to be given legally, if this is right then i can only state it has not been confirmed to us. When we have an official update we can assure you that we will make it public. Thank you for the continued support that you all give to Lennox, please keep spreading the story of Lennox and share the petition wherever you can.

more info:

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One response to “Howl for Lennox and Patrick

  1. Patrick and Lennox remain in our prayers. Hopefully the NJ courts will do the right thing regarding Patrick’s home. We’ve lost a lot of regard for the AHS do to their actions in this case.

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