California voters and pet advocates

TAKE ACTION: Contact Governor Jerry Brown, and tell him you OPPOSE the repeal of any portion of Hayden. At a time when other states in the U.S. are enacting legislation to advance the protection of animals in shelters, California should not be stepping backwards.

Tom Hayden asks Gov. Brown to STOP, and NOT put animals in shelters at risk …

More info:

Contrary to the assertion of HSUS’ Jennifer Fearing, the paradigm has NOT shifted in California’s shelters and animals continue to be killed at rates that far outpace the rates of adoption. [ETA: Jennifer Fearing has informed me that the statements attributed to her in the original Sacramento Bee article are inaccurate and that HSUS will be lobbying against the repeal of Hayden.] The public policy preference of California continues to be favoring life over death, and thus the adoption, rather than killing, of shelter animals.

PLEASE share far and wide and send a CLEAR AND LOUD MESSAGE to Sacramento that Californians demand more, not fewer, protections for their shelter animals.

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