Lucky dogs

am now blogging with Pet Pardons, too… check it out… They have 400,000+ Facebook fans… and I just reached 300,000 views right here at Have Dog Blog Will Travel… milestones…

Pet Pardons is a group of folks from Canada that help in the rescue of pets in shelters. They want to give pets in shelters a better chance at being Adopted. And they want there to be No More Homeless Pets by 2015. They want to educate people about the plight of America’s pets.

They created a Facebook app which enables anyone to post pets from shelters, and then enables others to share them on their walls with the click of a button, the Advocate button. You can install & view the app at

Pet Pardons Co-Founder Ashley Owen Hill takes in the pups of Mississippi that nobody else wants, including pit bulls through Lucky Dogs Rescue. Chris Hoar is Co-Founder of Pet Pardons and lives in San Diego.

Ashley and her dog Rudy.  Read Rudy’s story at her blog. Bring the tissues.

here are three of my blog posts at Pet Pardons, there will be more to come…

a funny look at dog breeds, tiptoe thru the breeds, Doggies Home Alone… another article by yours truly  Home Sweet New Home…

Cici’s happy as a polka dot princess can be at becoming an international star… LOL…

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