Pit bulls rule, corporations fool…

As if we did not know, but McDonald’s is not really sorry…their promotion was over feb 5 anyway

a girl is dying due to eating only chicken nuggets…petting pit bulls is MUCH safer…



in the last few days alone, many people with dogs have come forward with stories of direct pit bull discrimination by McDonald’s…

Last November, McDonald’s was forced to drop one of their biggest egg suppliers, Sparboe Egg Farms, when undercover video, shown on ABC’s 20/20, revealed the horrors that are a routine part of that facility. And this followed hard on the heels of another undercover video, this time from the Humane Society of the United States, showing the wanton abuse of pigs at the huge Smithfield Foods factory that supplies McDonalds for its McRib – a sandwich that, according to Time magazine, also includes an additive that’s banned in Europe and Australia and is “most commonly used in the manufacture of foamed plastics like gym mats and the soles of shoes.”

A company that shows such disregard to the animals at the core of its business is unlikely to have any higher regard for other animals – least of all pit bulls…

McD’s fired a Certified Therapy Dog from one of the Ronald McDonald House’s because it is a Pit Bull…  here is the link to the story.


Buster Blues owner:
The worst thing we can do for our breed is to act like crazed extremists. Keep in mind that I believe this decision is being made by one uneducated person and that while everyone is mad at McDonalds right now, the Ronald McDonald house is a wonderful organization. It would be incredible if this all leads to the overturning of this discriminative policy.



America’s bark off to McD’s…


and then there is Walmart, surprise surprise, not…


Some BIG Corporations are toxic, MONSTERS and the sub-humans who run them are truly heartless…   sell poisonous products for profit… treat people and animals cruelly…


7UP has fired an employee for feeding feral cats on his own time, a man who has a sick wife and disabled son…


As if it weren’t bad enough that the 7Up Bottling Company fired Larry Ottoviani for engaging in the responsible care of feral cats, the truly heartless thing is that they couldn’t have picked a worse time to do so. His wife is under treatment for a debilitating illness that has required lots of hospital visits; he’s taking care of a profoundly disabled adult son; and Ottoviani himself has had his share of medical problems. He had to have a kidney removed when doctors found a tumor on it.

So here’s a guy facing huge medical costs, and now he’s got to find a way to pay for $400 a month COBRA premiums while being unemployed. And, of course, COBRA benefits only last so long…

and then there is Taco Bell, who sent this stray pit bull to death row…

they did raise the money so now the rescue should be able to get her outta there…



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2 responses to “Pit bulls rule, corporations fool…

  1. Cas

    Do you mind if I steal that awesome pic above w/ the caption “Dearn McDonalds, petting a dog doesn’t clog arteries…” ? I’d love to share it.

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