Life is eternal… Love is immortal

Vicktory 4 Cherry

Today we keep Handsome Dan’s family in our thoughts as they say goodbye to Jake. we are thankful to them to have the strength to ease the pain of many. we are thankful for the love they have that fills the hearts and souls of all beings around them. Today please send them strength and love to ease their pain and fill their hearts and souls as they go through this tough time. We love you guys!

Cici and I are sending lots of love, comforting thoughts, healing and prayers to Jake…Handsome Dan, Heather and Mark… this morning as Jake crosses over to the Rainbow Bridge… blessings, run free Bluegrass Jake… run free… into the light, hear the music… good boy…lots of friends and family waiting for you there…




Woof Wednesday blog hop, catch the code here…


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2 responses to “Life is eternal… Love is immortal

  1. heather and handsome dan

    Thank you for your kind words of support.

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