dogs bite humans

It is a fact of life. Dogs, all kinds and breeds of dogs, bite people every day. Not because they’re bad. It is generally the HUMAN’s fault… the dog has been chained up, not neutered, running around loose, and/or the human has NOT or does not know how to read DOG body language.  Dogs communicate with us all the time. And we usually have NO Clue what they are telling us. Even when we live with them and love them.

I will speak for myself here. Half the time, I have no idea what Cici is trying to tell me. She mystifies me. She is barking or growling at me like she wants to go outside but then I open the door and she does not go out or she goes out for a minute and comes right back inside. What? She does not want to go out in the yard. Ok. She wants to go to the park down the street. We get to the park and she scavenges around looking for food. What? I feed her good food. What is she doing and why?

Right now, my sweet baby is sleeping in her crate, by the way. I thought it would take days or hours to get her in there. I need to confine her so that the torn ligament in her leg can heal and so she will not need surgery. And keeping her tethered was not working. So we got a crate yesterday. I got it set up, threw a few treats in there, she went inside and relaxed. I took her out to eat her lunch, she ate, then I threw a few treats in the crate and once again, she went inside. This time, she grumbled a bit about being in there but eventually, she fell asleep. Later in the afternoon, a couple hours later, I took her for a walk. We came back, same routine with the treats and she stayed in the crate and slept. Amazing dog my Cici. Surprises me every single day. She is very very good and makes it easy to give her supplements or medicine too. Stick a pill in a hot dog and she is good to go.

But I digress…

by now you’ve probably heard about the dog who bit the TV anchor in the face… this is a brilliant and emotional analysis of the entire situation… it gives context that most people do not know/realize, learn how to read dog language, and if a dog is traumatized and stressed, do NOT bring them to a TV studio for an interview… the dog had just been rescued and the TV people wanted to do a Feel Good story about the firefighter who saved the dog’s life… what could possibly go wrong?

what is so heartbreaking and important about this situation, is that often dogs are euthanized because of ignorant people like this. If the dog even looks like a pit bull, they can be put to sleep and/or taken away from their family and quarantined (like Lennox who did NOTHING but look like a pit bull, is not one). It is amazing that here we are in the 21st century and we are lagging so far behind in our thinking about animals, women, and other creatures. This male superiority/macho stuff has got to go. It is toxic in so many ways, hurts so many people and animals and our planet.

The lesson in these stories isn’t to be afraid of one type of dog or another, but to learn how to approach a dog, whether it’s a stray or just a dog you haven’t met before. By learning that, we learn how not to hurt the dog or ourselves. Prejudice just hurts everyone.

ASK FIRST if you can pet them.

Credits to: Lili Chin



THANKFULLY, Max the dog who bit the channel 9 news anchor, Kyle Dyer, in the face will be going home!!! AND they had a certified animal behaviorist come into the news station to educate and give training to their employees on the safest way to interact with dogs and other animals!! AND Kyle Dyer is at home resting now and will return to her news show once she has fully recovered!! Just wonderful news all around but really happy that 9 news was proactive and got the training for their employees!


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3 responses to “dogs bite humans

  1. EXCELLENT blog post! Thanks!

  2. This is great! It’s annoying when people call my dog when we go out for walks. People without dogs should be educated about how they should greet dogs.

  3. CL

    I think this was a failure at all levels for this dog. The owner showed clear ignorance about leash laws, stress, thresholds and communication but what owner of a normally stable dog has knowledge or training in reading dogs. What hasn’t been brought up, letting dogs run off leash is all to common in secluded public lands around here and this is the third rescue/ recovery in the metro area this year. Last incident, the dog was saved but the owner died in front of his kids. This is a bigger issue than this one owner and the media has done some work to try to educate people but it doesn’t stick and I constantly hear people complaining about the off leash/ no proof of rabies vaccination tickets people get because they left the tags in the car or at home or where ever just like the citations this owner received, it does not matter if the dog is current or not. In this incident, the dog was current on ALL vaccinations.

    In an ideal world, all owners would understand how stress, calming signal, and body language works, they would protect their dog from every potential stressor but at this point the American public looks to Cesar and gets attacked and fingers pointed at them by R+ trainers as irresponsible dog owners like it the “Perfect Storm” blog post. In reality, owners only learn about this stuff once they have an incident or acquire a shy/ reactive dog, and that only happens if they find an educated modern trainer. While this owner is not innocent, some consideration needs to be made not turning him into a lightning rod for irresponsible owners everywhere. We are a small growing community who constantly preaches to the choir, it is a good thing when we are able to reach outside our normal circles. To give an example of a typical dog owner, I had a client yesterday who hadn’t even heard about the bite until I mentioned it in our Friday session. It is the job of the educated people to educate, not castrate. It’ll be a sad day when we only work R+ with the dogs and compliant humans and P+ with noncompliant humans living in a self centered back patting bliss everyone else in our clic.

    Personally, i feel the producers who asked the dog to come to the studio should also bare mention and are as, if not more culpable, the studio had animals come in on almost a weekly/ daily basis, with that level of access allowed, I feel they should have at least a foundation of observational skills. With the constant flow of animals in and out, I would consider them at least the level of a dog worker/ professional. What really surprised me with this video, the reporter who has a regular segment with animals, she’s basically the go to “cute fluffy” person. Ignoring the stress factors and screaming calming signals, she approached the dog in the way she did, restrained his head and tried kissing him on the lips, then pushed and pushed till the animal went over. DUH! Not approaching dogs like that was common sense to me by the time I was 5 years old!

    I’m truly impressed with 9 News following this event, they have not sensationalized the incident and have taken the stance of self and public education rather than finger pointing while shining light on the strong Denver dog behavior community and scientific based training techniques. Here is an example, this interview was given the afternoon following the incident: They promised to revamp their process for bringing animals into the studio and I am sure they will be working closer with trainers. I hope at least one producer takes the opportunity to attend Dr. Yins seminar being held here in May.

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