A dog’s den

Every dog should have its own place, its own space, a den, a bed, a spot to be in.

Cici actually has been amazingly good… I thought it would take days/hours to get her in the new crate… but she is just EASY… she slept in it the last few nights. She is resting in it now with the door open… what a good girl… I feel better confining her, making sure that her leg is getting the rest so that it can heal. And she seems comfy and cozy.

I got her some bones to chew on at the grocery store. So in the morning, I take her outside to the park to do her business. Then it is time for yum yums (breakfast) and her supplements. Next, I let her stay out for a bit holding onto her leash. Then give her the choice to continue that way or go in the den and she has been choosing the crate. Amazing. About 10:30 I let her out to go potty in the back yard. Give her a bone out there to chew on for awhile. Bring her back inside when she’s ready and crate her again. Lunch time. After lunch, back in the crate. One or two more potty breaks and she is good in the crate for the night. Imagine my surprise.

The only problem is the roommate. When I am not around, in another room or not home, he keeps letting her out. So I had to buy a lock to put on the crate. Sad. He does not get that he is hurting her but he is. He thinks I am making it up somehow. Two vets told me the same thing along with a few dog owners. He is delusional beyond belief but enough about him.

Never would have thought that Cici would be ok being in a crate. To me it was like putting her in puppy jail. But dogs are different from us humans. They like different things. And I recall when I had her at the vet hospital after her first surgery a few years ago, I spent hours every day cuddling her in her kennel. So I guess to Cici, kennels and crates are ok. She gets treats in there. I am with her in the same room. So what’s the diff? Nada. There are simply times when you have to confine your dog and a crate can be a comfortable place to be.


this article by Karen Lee seems appropriate…she put the link as a comment but I decided to  copy and paste it with the link as its own guest blog post.


When talking to somebody about crate training their dog the first question I often get is why would I want to crate train my dog? The reasons for crate training your dog are varied.
1. A crate is a safe place for the dog to go when he is hurt or upset. It is his den.
2. When riding in a car your dog is safer in his crate. A loose dog can be thrown thru a window in an accident. A loose dog can also interfere with the driver. Even a well behaved dog can be spooked and jump on the driver of a car.
3. If your dog goes to the groomers or has to stay at the vet he will be crated. It is less stressful to your pet if he knows what to expect and is not fighting the crate.
4. If you travel many motels and hotels will accept a crated dog in your room. You can leave him in the crate in your room while you go out to eat.
5. If you have visitors or workmen in your home you can put your dog in his crate while they are there.

Now that I have explained why you should crate train your dog I will give you some tips on how to crate train your dog. If you do this right your dog’s crate can be one of its favorite places to go. The first thing you need to remember is that you want your dog to like its crate that means you should not use the crate as a form of punishment.

To start put the crate on the floor and tie its door open. Put a blanket, bed or towel in the bottom of the crate. Let your dog check it out for a day or two, then put a dog treat in the very front of the crate. Eventually your dog should eat the treat, when that happens put another treat in the front of the crate. Slowly move the treats back in the crate until you are putting them in the back of the crate. The next step is to feed your dog in the crate. Do the same thing you did with the treats starting with the food bowl in the front of the crate and gradually moving it back farther and farther. Once you dog is used to eating in her crate close the door while she is eating. Go just a few minutes after she is done and open the door. Gradually you can increase the amount of time the door is closed.

If you make the crate a fun place to be with treats, toys and praise you will soon have a dog who is comfortable in its crate.


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  1. Thank you for reposting my article. I do enjoy your blog.

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