update on cici’s leg/home wanted

When Cici can rest, she is doing better, not limping. Unfortunately, am living with a psycho. Had to call an attorney yesterday.

If someone knows a SAFE, QUIET, CLEAN, PRIVATE place for us to live for $250 a month with a yard, Internet, washer/dryer and SANE people (am a senior on a fixed income), please let us know asap.

In April 2011, owner/roommate let my dog outside without my knowledge. She ran away and was gone all night. She got spooked by a vehicle going over her. He told me that she was dead and laughed about it. I looked for her all night and Cici was found to be at the SPCA in the morning. I had to pay $200 to get her back. He paid nothing.

About a month ago, owner roommate took Cici, my dog, out for a long walk. When they got back, the next day, I saw that she was limping but it went away by the next day. A week or so later, he took her for another walk, she came back limping again. This time, the limping continued for a couple of weeks. Finally, I took her to see an orthopedic specialist vet since I was concerned about her leg. Four years ago, she had had surgeries on it from an accident. The vet took x-rays and examined her and determined that her previous injuries were all healed but that she had torn a ligament in her knee requiring surgery. He gave me info to google to do research and said that we could wait a month or two for the surgery. And when I got back home, I did the research and found out that there was something called Conservative Management, a protocol of confinement and restriction as well as supplements that when followed could eliminate the surgery.

I spoke to the vet about it as well as another vet and people who had gone through this with their dogs and was told to go ahead and do the Conservative Management protocol. This confinement means that she is not allowed to run, jump or play or even walk except to go potty a few times a day. I told owner/roommate and my other roommate about this. I kept my dog tethered for about a week but it was not really working so I got a crate to put her in.

I was surprised that she took so easily to the crate and finally she was resting the way she was supposed to do. And she stopped limping for a couple of days. Then owner/roommate decided to open up her crate whenever he felt like it, let her out, let her jump on furniture, and even took her for a walk for 30 minutes. She started limping again. I repeatedly told him NOT to do all of this to no avail. I explained over and over and over to him that the protocol was important and could save her from having surgery. And that him doing this was HURTING my dog and this was not only unacceptable but sabotaging her progress.

He continued his assault upon my dog so I bought a lock to put on the crate so that he could not open it. At l:30 am Monday night, Feb. 13, owner/roommate somehow managed to get the crate open without the lock and got Cici out, let her run around and jump onto furniture laughing and taunting me. I took the dog away from him and brought her into my room and kept her locked up with me all day Valentine’s Day. He usually is not home but he stayed the entire day. Several times I had to go to the bathroom, he opened my door to let her out. And he kept trying to play with her and let her run around. I did not sleep well as it was and my stress level is through the roof. I have arthritis and am hurting all over. And Cici is limping again.

At midnight, I woke up to hear him tell my other roommate that Cici was dead. That she had been killed. My other roommate was very upset.  I came out and told him that jack-a– is a liar and was just telling him that as a “joke.”  Roommate got mad and told jacka– it was NOT funny. I told him I contacted a lawyer. He said he was on my side and witness to the abuse, not only harming my dog but also me.

Here is what I would say in a letter to jacka–…

Given that I have repeatedly asked you in good faith and you have continually refused to comply with the advice / prescription of the vets to keep my dog Cici confined/restricted for about six weeks to avoid surgery and you have refused my requests that YOU LEAVE MY DOG ALONE, stop teasing her, not let her out or encourage her to jump up on furniture, and have continued to harass me and the dog and by thereby doing so are causing her harm … I am writing to let you know that you cannot continue to sabotage my efforts to restrict / confine my dog in any way including the following


open the door to my room when I am away and let the door run around the house

let the dog run around in the yard, outside, and jump on furniture

let the dog out of the crate or out of the house

walk the dog or run the dog

pick the dog up

tease the dog, call the dog or rouse the dog

encourage the dog to kick her legs  in any way

harm/hurt the dog in any way

Doing the above is in violation to the vet’s instructions and my instructions and YOU WILL BE LIABLE for the cost of any and ALL surgeries, vet appointments/visits and treatments for causing further harm to my dog.

In addition, since all of the stress this has been causing ME has been worsening MY condition, if I should have a heart attack, stroke or need other medical treatment, you are also liable.

What kind of a sick, twisted, sadistic person does this???? I rescued Cici from a domestic violence situation originally because I was afraid that she would be killed. And now here we are… I don’t think he would actually kill her but who knows.

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  1. My human is not disposable. She may have imperfections, slowed down some over the years, and be a lot of work. But when I got her, I promised her a forever home. No matter what her faults are, she is good at something and deserves to be loved and have a forever home. She is not only my human, she is my family and a responsible human owner… Cici

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