100+ pit bull march in Salinas

http://www.ksbw.com/news/central-california/salinas/Pit-bull-owners-take-to-the-streets-of-Salinas/-/5738906/9218242/-/x430qo/-/index.html more than 100 pit bulls and owners marched… including Ginger Girl and her mom Stacy


do you think pit bulls get a bad rap?




great commentary by the SPCA…


great ambassadogs and owners !

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One response to “100+ pit bull march in Salinas

  1. I Honestly think it’s a Nightmare HOW OUR Landlord THREATENED ” My husband Alex & Me (Davina) To Get Rid of Our 2″-PitBulls Or We’d get EVICTED ” From Our Home ….. OUR HEART’s are Both Tore – InHalf By this We Feel that Our 2″ PITBULL’s should have a CHANCE OF LIFE” that’s Not FAIR, All because of a Insurance Agency, their asking us to GIVE-UP Our BABIES. their NOT- JUST-PET’s……their Part of OUR-FAMILY”….WE NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE …..we are willing to send them to Obedience school / Classes or do whatever to have them placed in Bamba RESCUE PROGRAM. WE ARE WILLING TO TAKE-IN 2″Chihuahua dogs from ur Center

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