dog commercials and ads

love love love the Subaru dog tested dog approved commercials… especially this one with the Dalmatian on the beach sunbathing…

these are cute too

the only thing better would be for the dog Subaru commercials to star some pit bulls…

MSN has a wonderful pit bull ad on MSN’s homepage (

tell them you like it !

Underneath the ad, click the link for ‘Ad Feedback’ and tell them you love seeing those  pit bull smiles!  (thanks to StubbyDog project)

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2 responses to “dog commercials and ads

  1. Dogs are the best type of talent,,,they strive to please and they hardly ever ask for a raise.

  2. I have to admit, the only time I miss having a car (a Subaru, by the way) is when I want to take my dog somewhere. Those ads do capture something.

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