tell Gov. Brown NO to Hayden repeal

Legislators to determine the fate of California’s pets on April 11. Please call today!

Pets in California animal shelters are dangerously close to being cast back into the dark ages. Right now, the Hayden Bill (SB 1785), a groundbreaking law passed in 1998 to protect shelter animals and give them more chances to find homes, is in danger of being partially repealed by Governor Jerry Brown.

The Assembly Budget Subcommittee has already rejected Governor Brown’s proposed repeal of the Hayden Bill.  Now, the fate of thousands of animals across the state is in the hands of the Senate Budget Subcommittee, who will hold their own hearing on Wednesday, April 11. You can help by contacting the committee members today (calls are most effective), and asking them not to repeal any parts of the Hayden Bill.

Senator Joe Simitian, Chair: (916) 651-4011
Senator Jean Fuller: (916) 651-4018
Senator Alan Lowenthal: (916) 651-4027


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3 responses to “tell Gov. Brown NO to Hayden repeal

  1. shahzad

    Dogs are the most popular household pets around the world, known for their fierce loyalty towards their owners.

  2. Hank Godlewski

    Shelter means to come in from the storm, and be protected!
    This is unacceptable.
    They should be called Animal Extermination Centers. Stop time limits for animals to be adopted by. No animal should be put down unless it’s medically suffering with no hope, or deemed truly vicious with no chance for rehab. Spaying and neutering calms most animals down and makes them good pets with a chance for a long life. We are all responsible for this and it’s time to change!…

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