positive pit bull ads

the difference in pet advertising and pet policies is heating up on the pit bull front.  Some companies like 3M/Scotch are PIT BULL PROUD … and deserve KUDOS for displaying a cute pit bull dog in their display ads…


GOOD STUFF:  How about we thank a major corporation for throwing some much-needed pro-pittie advertising out there? Maybe call this the
“THANK YOU SCOTCH IT’S A PIT BULL!” campaign? 🙂 ~John

Maybe say something on the Scotch Facebook Page:


and also send it direct to the company via the Scotch lint roller:

Please use http://www.pruvenpet.com or http://www.scotchlint.com to leave comments

Dog Time has created Mad Canines, if the characters on the Mad Men TV Show were dogs… one of the characters is portrayed as a pit bull/Viszla mix… hmmmm… what do you think?


seriously?  and then there is a chain pet store that sells toxic pet treats from China and have banned bully breeds from their doggie daycare…

sheesh… name change… from Pet Smart to Pet Stupid…

Anna MacNeil’s study shows pit bulls’ natural habitat is the bed and breed-specific behavior is cuddling.


there’s a petition or two…

and some facebook pages…




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2 responses to “positive pit bull ads

  1. Please use http://www.pruvenpet.com or http://www.scotchlint.com to leave comments. The website http://www.scotchbrand.com is for tapes not the lint rollers. – Thanks. Shawn 3M(TM) Pet Care

  2. I’m the founder of Stubby’s Heroes, an org in Atlanta that fights BSL by way of respectful education of policy makers, the media and community. I love this piece and appreciate it. Please check us out on FB and Pinterest.

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