Yummy Foods and Pet laptops

Toshiba Introduces World’s First Laptop for Pets: Toshiba

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a laptop for pets? Toshiba thinks so! They unveiled the world’s first laptop for pets, complete with a built-in doggy cam for dog-to-dog video conferencing as well as brand new bark-to-text technology.

Subaru Provides Dog Driving Lessons, Too Subaru

Subaru has unveiled that it is providing driving lessons for dogs! Really, who wouldn’t want to take a long road trip and be able to relax, knowing that all is well  with Fido at the wheel?

A new company called Yummy Foods will feature authentic organic gourmet pet food in glass pet jars similar to baby food jars…Featured are MeatNut, FishNut, VeggieNut, MilkNut and ChickenNut flavors. Each line will offer various meats (bison to venison), fish (salmon to tuna), fruits and vegetables (such as apple beet salad and yams) goat and cow milk and fowl (chicken, eggs and turkey). Each jar will contain a complete meal and can also be mixed and matched.

Asked why pet owners cannot feed their pets baby food, the response is that there are ingredients in baby food such as fillers and preservatives that are not suitable for pampered pets.


Given the demand for high quality pet food, the company hopes to clean up the market by targeting  pet owners, rescuers and other childless folks who treat their pets as kids.  The food will be grown on their farm in Mendocino, California and consist of human grade ingredients. Home cooked food without all of the muss and fuss and fresh from the farm.

The owners of the company, Mutt and Jeff, (who it is rumored fight like cats and dogs) will appear on Shark Tank and hope investors will loan them money and not bite them in the butt as they have numerous pet food inventors.



Happy April Fool’s Day!

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One response to “Yummy Foods and Pet laptops

  1. ok I thought the laptop for pets was serious! Duh!!!

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