Dollars for Daffy

The Barkers Dozen has launched the “Dollars for Daffy” fundraiser, where the organic dog treat baker will donate a portion of the profits from the sale of its products to Daffy Trinka, a 6-year-old Toy Fox/Jack Russell Terrier and loyal fan of the company, who is in need of medical care for an unknown illness.

During the fundraiser, which will run through April 2012, The Barkers Dozen will donate 50% of the profits from the sale of its treats purchased on its online store – – to Daffy and her owner Ingrid Trinka. Plus, when customers use the promo code “DAFFY” at checkout, they will receive a special thank you gift from The Barkers Dozen. To donate to the Dollars for Daffy fundraiser without making a purchase, please use the Chipin widget on this page.

Meet Daffy, a spunky 6-year-old Toy Fox/Jack Russell Terrier suffering from a mysterious illness.

Two years before Ingrid met Daffy, her beloved Dachshund BetsyRoss passed away. From that date forward, she prayed that another dog would be sent her way – one that would be right for Ingrid, and one who would be happy with her as a companion.

One day a colleague at Ingrid’s workplace rescued a dog from a bad situation, and asked if she wanted the dog. “Immediately I said ‘no’. After all, the dog didn’t have big brown eyes and long luxurious fur like I’d been used to,” Ingrid said.

Eight months later, Ingrid continued to pray. Until one day, when a friend reached out to her and asked if Ingrid wanted her dog. The friend had been given a dog, but didn’t want the pup. “I drove over, saw the dog, and immediately said ‘no’. In fact, the dog growled at me!”

It wasn’t until the friends sat down for tea and the dog’s story was told, that things clicked for Ingrid. “I started putting things together. This was the very same dog who’d been offered to me eight months earlier! It was like God was saying ‘Here’s your second chance … this is the dog I’ve chosen for you’.”

Ingrid took the pup home the same day, and changed her name to Daffodil (Daffy for short) because “I told her ‘you’re going to blossom here’.”

But before blossoming, some growth was still needed.

“She stayed in her crate, day and night. I felt so bad for her, a dog with nothing to do and uncertain about her future,” she said. “Daffy was wanted at one time – the people who had her had gotten her spayed and her first shots, and then one day got tired of her, and threw her out the door to fend for herself. I learned that she hung around the farm because it was the only place she’d ever known. She was outside in thunderstorms and snow, and had to scrabble with chickens for any food to eat.”

Her stomach was ulcerated and her teeth were a mess, and she was about 3 years old at the time, by Ingrid’s guess.

“She was terrified of anything in my hands. Even a fork was a potential weapon and she cowered under the table,” explained Ingrid.

It was a full year before Daffy would look her mom in the eye. It took another year for the dog to trust Ingrid with any object in her hands.

During the past year, though, Daffy blossomed into an amazing dog, just as her mother predicted. Daffy, a fast and eager learner, has picked up endless tricks and commands – even carrying letters from the mailman. She is no longer afraid of thunderstorms, and can sleep right through them. She loves everyone, and is a calm, quiet girl with perfect manners, according to Ingrid.

“She never asks for anything, she’s agreeable with any situation, and she’s lived the worst. I pray she has forgotten the past,” she said. “To think, someone threw away such a treasure, and now, Daffy and I both win! I thank God for being the match-maker, and I consider Daffy a hero for enduring the endless nights of living outside in the elements, enduring the years without love or human contact, eating food thrown out for chickens – her spirit is amazing.”

But the trials for Daffy aren’t over. Almost a year ago, Ingrid noticed that Daffy was violently jerking and having tremors when she was falling into a deep sleep. It does no good to wake the dog up, because she has to suffer again when going back to sleep. “She has jerked so hard that she’s fallen off the bed more than once. Her tremors shake the bed. They bother her, she gets up and paces, then comes back to bed only to go through it again. By the time the night is over, both of us are worn out,” said Ingrid.

Daffy has been seen by her vet three times about her condition, but a diagnosis and treatment aren’t possible until more tests are taken. Ingrid and Daffy’s small town do not have the facilities or equipment for the tests, so they need to travel more than 250 miles to Manhattan, Kan., to the Kansas State University’s College of Veterinarian Medicine, for blood tests and an MRI.

Unfortunately, Ingrid doesn’t have the $2,000 at the current moment to take Daffy for the tests, though she has spoken to two doctors at the institution, who believe it may be something neurological, but can’t confirm without seeing her.

Ingrid believes that Daffy may have suffered abuse or a head injury before she was rescued.

“Please say some prayers for my hero girl. God couldn’t have created a more perfect dog. Daffy is truly my match made in heaven,” said Ingrid.

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