Patrick on Pet Stop

On March 17th 2011, a desperately neglected dog miraculously made it through the night; in the morning, “Rocky” became “Patrick” & Patrick’s Movement, the brain-child of one Karen Powell (Patrick’s Movement NJ’s esteemed Admin.) was born. “Thank you” to all around the globe who created Patrick’s Movement FB pages in a show of solidarity to join forces in the trenches; individuals & rescues & shelters that do whatever it takes to save lives every day.

Kisha Curtis new trial date?  Thought it was some time this month but am not finding the info. I called the NJ SPCA and GSVS Hospital and finally got a call back from Capt. Yocum from the NJSPCA.  He said that April 19, is the new date at the Essex county courthouse.

Seems like it is taking a very long time for Curtis to go to trial and be prosecuted. Just saying, Capt.

Patrick on TV Pet Stop

what do you think?

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