the scoop on poop around the world

A stinky subject but someone’s gotta talk about it…ok, ladies, where do you go to the toilet when traveling, especially in other countries.  And do you clean up your dog’s poop in other countries or only in the USA?


Finding tolerable toilets in India…

In my country public and paid toilet facilities are not so common so I’m sending along some advice for female visitors to India. Almost every restaurant and some tourist spots have toilets attached to them. Have a cup of tea at a hotel and take this opportunity to use the toilet facility available there. If you’ve had a meal at a restaurant, don’t leave without using their facilities (even if you don’t REALLY need to go). It might be a while before you find another proper toilet. Alternatively, if you are traveling by car and stop for a petrol fill, take the time and use the toilet facilities available at most petrol pumps. Carry tissue and wet wipes. You’ll probably need them.

(Resmi, Kerala, India)

I would add to this…since my travel companions in India teased that if you want to know where to go to the bathroom in India, just ask me so I am something of an expert…

go to the toilet at five star hotels … you can always visit the gift shop (buy a candy bar or bottle of water) or pretend that you are waiting for someone in the lobby.

visit a business center or club such as American Express/Diner’s Club and take time out to do your personal business.

Leave a deposit at a tourist destination.

Five star or European style restaurants are also good prospects.

Best to avoid public toilets at train stations. Some airports have halfway decent stalls.

If you find yourself out in the country, you will more than likely have to squat in a hole on the ground. Be prepared that there may be onlookers. One time I was visiting a wealthy landowner’s property. I had been visiting his family and they were showing me around to see the cacao plants and other trees. In time, nature called urgently and I was led to an outhouse. I had visitors escorting me the entire way there. The people were amused and//or interested in everything foreigners did. Suffice it to say that.

India: Poop Capital of the World

No Toilet, No Bride

And in Delhi, marriage brokers — who provide a popular service in a country where arranged marriages are still the norm — confirm that many families will now ask whether the groom’s family has a bathroom of its own before going ahead with nuptial negotiations.

– It pays to use a toilet in southern India, as residents are earning close to a dollar a month by using public urinals, a scheme launched by authorities to promote hygiene and research in rural areas.

In the former Yugoslavia, we were brought to places in the middle of nowhere while on a bus trip. We had to pay for the privilege of peeing in outhouses that were just little huts surrounding holes in the ground. Odiferous and waxy paper was the norm. I jokingly called the country, the Toilet Capital of the World.

Did you know that Green Bay, Wisconsin is the Toilet Paper Capital of the World ?

Top 5 Public Bathrooms in the World

New Zealand, Paris, NYC, Tokyo and London, Amsterdam, Belfast

In Taiwan, there is a restaurant toilet, ewwwwww… toilet seats for chairs, miniature urinals for platters and tiny toilet bowls for the soup and main course…

Now the real question is, are people around the world, Europe, Asia, Canada and other countries as obsessed with cleaning up dog poop as we are in the USA?

In the states, especially at movie theatres and during seminars at hotels, don’t you just hate those long lines at the ladies restroom?

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