Blog the Change: the cat’s meow

Cici and I love finding out about innovative and creative programs created by people with hearts such as these.

Did you know that there is an app that allows people to play with cats at shelters in real time online for free… Adoptions increase and cats get socialized…

Oregon Humane Society

“We still get lots of interest in the iPetCompanion. It’s really popular with everyone and it’s a highlight of our shelter tours. We love it.”
~ David Lytle, OHS, 21st July 2011 (10 months after launch)

Bideawee, New York

“I think it gives people at home or at work on their computer a great way to feel connected with live animals and in this digital age people really yearn for companionship and connection. When I travel I wonder all the time what’s happening at home with my cat, is he getting along with the pet sitter, are they having fun? And with a mechanism like this I could actually see my own pet at home in real-time.”

~Nancy Taylor, President & CEO, Bideawee



But for some reason, there does not seem to be an equivalent app or program for dogs. No playing fetch online? Enrichment programs at shelters.

There are also dog rescue heroines, one lady rescues homeless people and dogs in the LA area and provides a safety net so that people do not have to surrender their dogs

Dog owners sometimes come into the South LA Shelter because they feeling forced to surrender their dog.  Most of the time the dog owner can’t afford to feed, vaccinate, spay/neuter, treat a minor medical issue, get basic obedience training, or even pay for a $15 dog license.  With Safety Net, LA Animal Services staff and volunteers encourage the dog owner to take their dog home, and call the Downtown Dog Rescue phone number on the postcard given to them.  When the dog owner calls the Downtown Dog Rescue Hotline Phone Number a volunteer will return the call within 48 to help address the situation that brought the dog owner to the shelter.


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4 responses to “Blog the Change: the cat’s meow

  1. I had never heard of the apps before – what a cool idea! I volunteer with kitties to help socialize them before adoption, and so I know how important this is.

    That program in LA is incredible. It is horrible when a human feel they have to surrender a pet because they have fallen on hard times. What a wonderful program!

    Thanks for such a wonderful post!

  2. What neat apps.
    Thanks for telling us about the program in LA to help prevent people from having to surrender their pets.
    Great post!

  3. wantmorepuppies

    That app is very cool! It would be fun if there could be one for dogs too. 🙂

    Great post!

  4. Awesome app! Bet the cats aren’t thrilled about it…MOL…can’t blame the dog, then! 😉 I absolutely adore what Lisa is doing in LA — what an incredible service, not just to the people and dogs in need themselves, but for the community as a whole! Great ideas for positive change for animals!

    Thank you for blogging the change,
    Kim Thomas

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